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Wake Up & Dream!

Dear Soul Tribe, 

      I trust our paths have crossed because some medicine needs to be exchanged between our souls. I work with magical forces that help make the invisible, visible. My purpose is to awaken myself and others to the true nature of the soul, embodied. Our full expression includes pleasure, sexuality & orgasmic energy! 
     If you’re an artist, healer, thought leader, or just lover of life, you may want to journey with me at ISTA, curl up with one of my books, or maybe you’re even ready for high-level Mentorship.  Please contact my office manager, Kali Das, if there are any answers you can’t find on this site, or to schedule a session. Currently, I’m working on a new novel: Soul Transfusion, and have a wait-list for new clients, but happy to connect virtually or in Dreamtime.

 Blessings, KD 

Bestselling Books:

Sex Shamans

52 Fridays

Sacred Sexual Healing