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Happy Spring Equinox. Every Season Kamala Devi offers an installation from her forthcoming book: Tantra Sutras, which include Polyamory Proverbs, Sacred Sex sayings and Love quotes. If you enjoy these, let us know which Tantra Sutras are your favorites, by re-tweeting, posting comment, or sharing this page.


  • I aspire to be a sacred whore whose pimp is the Universe.
  • Does your pleasure take you away or bring you into the present?
  • If the eyes are windows to the soul, the genitals must be the doors.
  • ‘Tis not a sexual love, “they” say of God’s love, and thus begins the lie.
  • Regardless of whether you believe in God, the goddess works through me.
  • When I call my husband Michael’s name out in orgasmic passion it both sounds and feels like “My God!”
  • Dear God, When I meet someone who reminds me of you, I help them remember who they are, by falling in love.
  • Penetrating conversation is the ultimate turn on. Our mouths and words are meant to stimulate, heal and pleasure each other.
  • Remind me gently, please, that I’m delusional, anytime you catch me thinking that God’s will is somehow separate from my own.
  • Embrace me with your illusion. Shiva, wrap me in your worldly pleasures, penetrate my senses and let me get intoxicated with your creation. If amnesia takes me over, I know it’s temporary, and you’ll always be there to hold my hair and tuck me in at night.
  • Fantasy is my first language.


  • Love is not what you THINK it is.
  • I confess, I’m a functioning Love addict.
  • Love is transmitted in both particles or waves.
  • In your presence, I open to love, physical or otherwise.
  • I may write lyrics, but it’s your love that puts it to music.
  • Touched by love, life blossoms into new depth and dimension.
  • Loving is so close to listening that the difference often dissolves…
  • We all want to be loved, but love is not a state of giving or getting; love is a state of being.
  • …and then, without notice, a door had opened, in my heart, to a room I never new existed….
  • Whether it’s by fate, past life karma, stardust, spaceship, or sheer coincidence, I’m grateful we found each other.
  • Although love may be blind from the outside, those who are in it experience an inner vision that opens to the absolute.
  • If you are losing your self in relationship, you may be blinded not by love, but illusion. For it is only through love that we may find ourselves.
  • Unconditional love is ever present and life-giving like the sun. Our human capacity is but a partial reflection that waxes and wanes more like the moon. And yet, it is still a glorious phenomena to behold and romanticize even on the dark lonely nights, and especially during the exceptional eclipse.


  • Honesty is sexy!
  • To accept abundance, ask without attachment.
  • I am she who writes about herself in the third person.
  • Say YES and NO with congruency and communicate when it changes.
  • No matter how satisfying it is to feel superior, it is still an egoic story of separation.
  • Time is my most sacred possession, and like everything else I “own”, it’s only borrowed.
  • I am constantly deconstructing, unpacking, and interrogating what it means to be special.
  • Radical honesty is best practiced in proportion to your willingness to hear your partner’s truth.
  • Telling the truth is the fastest way to dissolve the distortion between who you are, and who you think you are.
  • I sat next to a sufi on the airplane ride to Philly who told me if I want to get close to god, I must get close to strangers.
  • Gratitude is simply a side effect of consciousness, the more I wake up, the more I become aware of life’s boundless blessings.
  • I have a fetish for the inner workings of the introvert, they tend to be people who’s inner world is more interesting than the outer.
  • Many people are willing to “embrace” their shadow, but a hug can be just another way to say hello. Why not make love to the shadow.
  • When asked why it is so easy for me to be intimate with strangers, I answered, to the degree that I know myself, there are no strangers.
  • Really? You are not speaking the truth because you don’t want to hurt someone you love? Or are you hurting them by holding it back, and underestimating them?
  • At times it feels like I am consciously choosing the drama of my life, and other times it feels like the remote control is in someone else’s hand, but either way, I am always the observer.


  • Poly People are not counted in pairs. 
  • So grateful for my partners’ multiple perspectives.
  • When you are poly, it’s less about Valentines day…and more about Valentines Month!
  • It’s impossible to spend all your love on one person, because the more you love, the more it grows.
  • Instead of being a contrast to the old, New relationship Energy enriches the wisdom, depth and passion in all my existing relationships.
  • We have a hard time picking romantic movies to watch on our dates because it’s rare to find a story that is more interesting than our love life.

ON MOTHERHOOD (Devin, Age 6)

  • Devin got to go see the famous violinist Mark O’Conell play today on a field trip at Balboa Park.
  • Michael: What did you think?
  • Devin: He is so good! Usually it takes a bunch of musicians to make me fall asleep, but he was able to do it all by himself.
  • Devin (6) Says: Can I tell you why you are my favorite person to cuddle?
 Me: Why?
 Devin: Because dad is too spiky, he’s like cuddling a cactus.
  • My Step Father died yesterday. I sat down with Devin, age 5, and explained that his Grandfather Randy had lived a long life and that it was his time to leave his body.
  • Devin said: He died already?
  • Sadly, I said: Yes. 
  • “It’s OK Mom, if you have a picture we can still talk to him.” I handed him a wedding picture from the day he married my mother, 15 years ago. 
  • Devin took the picture to his lips and said: Thank you for protecting us. 
  • RIP Randall Knapp, We Love You.
  • Mom, how come you’re always asking me about my highlight and my lowlight but you don’t care about my middle light?
  • Devin fell and scraped his knee this weekend in the woods, he got up and said, “if my life was a movie, this would be the difficult part.
  • While tucking Devin (6) in to bed he says, I don’t need a bedtime story anymore, because I’m starting to see the whole day is like a story.
  • At bedtime, Devin and I have a routine of saying goodnight to each body part, and when we got to the knees, he said he wanted to come up with a new name for “backs of the knees” How about “knee-hooks.”


  • Are your dreams stageworthy?
  • At what point does inspiration turn into mania?
  • There’s a thin line between art and therapy and I’m never sure from moment to moment which side I’m on.

Be the porn you want to see in the world” –Michael McClure, Ethical Stud

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