To My Friend.
Kamala Devi and Shiva
The One.
Of all the numbers accounted by man,
the most significant yet incalculable
is how many hearts you ignite.
Your love cannot be quantified,
for every candle you illuminate seems
to spark all others in it’s sphere.
You’ve set such a fire
to my being that I
naturally light up
every soul that I touch.
Still your spark reaches beyond,
your dharma drives you
to dark corners where
you tirelessly stoke
the smoldering embers
of those who’s glow
has long been given up on.
Despite your gift of serving
the many through the one,
containing your light,
for the sole benefit of any,
is as counterproductive as
trying to possess the sun.
And so it is that you finally
melted my attachments:
My trying, my wanting,
my holding, even my accounting.
I release all, but the burning
desire for you to to shine on.
–Kamala Devi, March 2012
I wrote this poem shortly after my boyfriend met his future wife and our romantic relationship evolved into an even more encompassing expression.  I am posting this poem today, on his birthday, nearly six years after we met, as a declaration of my adoration. I marvel every day at how inspired I am in his presence. This man has opened my heart, expanded my mind and helped clarify my purpose.  Indeed, everything  I know of unconditional love, I learned by his reflection.
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