Even though we aren’t naked, my girlfriend Roxanne and I have  been suspended from Facebook, multiple times, for posting these pictures. So, I should probably warn you that these photos are considered rude, lewd and socially unacceptable (much like our love).This pristine poetry, however, springs from my immaculate heart.

Censored picture with roxanne n Kamala DeviYou. You, You– haunt me with your shadow. Your light–and the absence of it–has inhabited my senses so fully that you now live with me, beneath my skin.
Roxanne and kamala devi in bathroomYour  gaze unlocks a damn of wild feminine impulses; I want to do the unthinkable– that which no woman has ever done to another.

Kamala Devi n roxanne share a banana

The sweet musky aroma of your desire entices me to dissolve into the blossoming folds of existence.Roxanne n Kamala Devi yab yum canyonMy passion melts into your depth, like a cloud burst into the ocean, where my body has finally found her way home.

Venus puja with Kamala Devi & RoxanneRoxanne, You are my beloved, my muse, my temple dancer, my healer, my submissive playmate, my sister, my goddess and my girlfriend for Two years, this weekend! In all my life, I will never love and be loved by a woman the way I do with you

Photos by: Julie Kondor, Roshawn Woods & the Venus Puja is a Selfie.

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