illumination intensive with kamala devi linda robinsonI am simply overflowing with poetry and passion for life after a nourishing 4-day retreat where I contemplated the ancient koan: Tell me what Life is.

I have taken half a dozen Enlightenment Intensives but this was my first time working with personal development coach, Linda Robinson who is pictured below, facilitating me in a harmony integration session. The following is a little poem I wrote as a testimony to her masterful space holding and facilitation at the Illumination Intensive on Nov. ’13.

This and That

Have you ever pondered
a plant so deeply
that it began to glow
and seemed to swallow you whole?

Or looked into the eyes of another
and seen yourself looking back?

Or sat in a room full of mystics,
madly seeking, for days: this and that?

Now tell me you finally stopped
overlooking the one who
has always been there
seeing out of your own eyes?

If not, let me introduce you
to my Illumninated Dive master:
Linda Robinson

kamala devi and linda robinson
The Enlightenment Intensives have been offered all around the world for the last 40 years, I highly recommend this practice. You can also check out Linda’s other offerings at: 
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