If you agree with my fun list of the top 10 reasons of why we need a Polyamory DVD Box set, then please help me petition Showtime to make my Christmas wish come true!
polyamory in the media thanksgiving kamala deviPolyamory is a modern movement that is re-defining family. This Thanksgiving week, Open Marriage was the top trending story on Yahoo News. After ABC news featured a positive portrayal of our poly family on Nightline, the video went viral and was picked up by other media such as the Huffington Post, New York Daily and even the Christian Post.

I credit Showtime for initiating this massive shift in mainstream acceptance. After airing two successful seasons of a risky late night adult content docu-series, “polyamory” has become a household term, and mainstream society has finally matured enough to consider alternatives to monogamy.

This big breakthrough came just in time for Holiday shopping, and the #1 gift on my Wish-list: All I want for Xmas is for the Showtime store to start carrying a DVD box set of Polyamory: Married & Dating.

If traditional Christmas television isn’t going to cut if for you this season, and you’d like to get or give a Polyamory DVD box set, please contact Showtime HERE and give them one of the following reasons why they should make this new product available:

Top 10 reasons why Showtime should produce a DVD box set of Polyamory.

  1.  My family is having a hard time accepting and inviting all my lovers to Christmas dinner, so I though the DVD box set would be a perfect consolation for my family of choice and an educational gift for my more conservative relatives.
  2. I have been “Nice” all year and respected Showtime’s intellectual property by not pirating the show, and would like for Santa to reward me by offering an official and legal box set of Polyamory so I can “share the love” this season.
  3. My dear friends in Canada and France have heard all about it, but since Showtime programming isn’t easily accessible in other countries, I’d like to be able to send them international gift packages from USA.
  4. Why not Polyamory? The Showtime Store carries DVD Box sets for every other show, including late night Gigolos,the Real L-Word, Queer as Folk, Secret Diaries of a call girl…Why is Polyamory not being promoted?   ALSO, I’d like to imagine myself watching the DVD box set on Christmas Morning while sipping warm coffee from a Polyamory Mug. Showtime’s online gift guide brags of keychains, mouse pads, T-shirts, towels for shows like Dexter, Californication and Shameless. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask, and a girl can dream, can’t she.
  5. I don’t watch Television. Most of my radical hippy friends aren’t typical TV viewers either, but we are many, and we have computers, and since Polyamory is not on Netflix, we’d love to watch the DVD Box Set when it’s available.
  6. I happen to know the cast of Polyamory (Yes, they are real people!) Kamala Devi, Michael, Tahl, Jennifer, Leigh Ann, Chris, Meagan, Vanessa, Anthony and Lindsey feel like family, to me. I’d like to have my own keepsake of the show, a DVD Box set is like having a family album that I can watch over and over.
  7.  I am a “polyamory evangelist” and I want to play this show to closed minded people as well as potential new lovers.
  8.  I’m a member of the religious right and I want this DVD box set so I can show it at my church.
  9. Polyamory is considered the best Reality show on TV by more reviewers than just Gawker. From a social and political perspective, Polyamory documents a monumental piece of history where real people are shown practicing real intimacy, radical communication, bisexuality and of course ethical non-monogamy. A commemorative DVD box set needs to be made available for the masses!
  10. I am not polyamorous, but I still find the show sexy and fascinating! Maybe if I could order the DVD Box set, and show it to my partner…who knows what might happen?

Call to action:

  1. Go to Showtime Store Product Suggestion:  http://store.sho.com/productfinder.php
  2.  Title the form with ‘Polyamory: Married & Dating DVD Box Set”
  3. In the field titled: “Please provide any info that will help us find the product” you are welcome to cut & paste’ one of the 10 reasons or simply write something simple from your heart like: Dear Showtime, The holidays are here and I’d like to get the DVD box set of both seasons of Polyamory: Married & Dating made available in your store. Thanks you!
  4.  Click Submit!
  5. Thank you for helping make my Holiday Dreams come true!

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