Attention: Sex & relationship authors, healers, and coaches who want to
make a unique contribution to the field, have a breakthrough in business
while building sex-positive community!

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If your life purpose is to awaken people’s sexuality and help transform their relationships, I salute you. This is one of the most necessary but unsupported ambitions on the planet. We are at a historic crossroads where people are thirsty for a new paradigm of love and are looking for guidance. However, it is nearly impossible to sustain the vision of a non-violent and sexually-liberated culture when working alone.

You have probably already experienced judgment, misunderstanding and resistance from your peers, potential clients and perhaps even your own ego. Even though everyone agrees that “sex sells,” there is still so much shame around making money when empowering erotic energy. Collective sex shame can take the form of unconscious resistance which, over time, can turn into:

  • Overwhelm, procrastination & withdrawal.
  • Emotional or physical exhaustion (burnout).
  • Competitive anxiety and/or professional envy.
  • A devaluation of your self-concept or sex drive.

 The key to sustainable success in the field of sex education is to surround yourself with high level lovers who are supportive, inspiring and hold you accountable your potential. Imagine how your mission would thrive if you had expert mentorship and immersion in a professional mastermind. Announcing:

LOVE LEADERSHIP is a 9-Month Mastermind and Mentorship Coaching Program 

Kamala Devi Make Love to Life

(Interview and Application are required for Enrollment in this advanced training.)

Who is Eligible for this Advanced Training?

In order to assure the highest standard for professional integrity and to ensure high level listening in the mastermind, we are only accepting applications from experienced teachers, healers, coaches and/or authors. Imagine yourself surrounded and supported by high level:

  • tantra and/or yoga teachers,
  • healthcare or nurse practitioners,
  • entertainers in the adult industry,
  • counselors and/or therapists,
  • sex toy and home party producers,
  • erotic authors and/or sex educators, and
  • speakers, coaches and workshop leaders.

So if you already have experience empowering people in erotic energy, are you ready to stop playing small? We want to help take your gifts to a bigger stage. This program offers top-notch teachings, tools and practices to increase your visibility and success. Experience the inspiration, accountability and synergy of this powerful group combined with the wisdom of a nationally-recognized sex coach!

Love Leadership Training Program

This 9-month Mentorship and Mastermind is a revolutionary training for Sex-Positive Teachers, Healers and Coaches. This program is about stepping powerfully into your own leadership so you can magnetize an abundant like-minded community and make a career out of guiding people in their full expression of love, sex and consciousness.

This is not a cookie-cutter training program. If you are going to make an original contribution to the field, you need a safe place to uncover, claim and practice your own unique voice. Kamala Devi’s expert mentorship will give you the guidance, support, accountability and skills to succeed as an erotic entrepreneur.  Her teachings include step-by-step tools, practices and successful formulas. You will be given permission to adapt them and/or make your own.  The most lasting satisfaction in business happens when you awaken to your true nature and orient your work around your unique gifts.

Why Work with Kamala Devi?

Kamala HeadshotI know there are many powerful teacher trainings, certification programs, and coaching masterminds that you could enroll in, but the LOVE LEADERSHIP program is truly different because it is tailored to bring out your original contribution in the field of sex, love and relationship.

My gift is building a community of individuals who share values of unconditional love, truth and freedom. I magnetize, activate, organize and midwife people to create their own communities. I realized this was my gift to the world because after a decade of coaching, teaching and healing …

  • I have built unshakable bonds within an abundant, intimate and sexually-liberated community.
  •  I am recognized around the world for my integrity and high ethical standards.
  • People always tell me that I “hold space” better than anyone they met.
  • I  touch and positively transform the lives of everyone who comes into my field.
  • My students and clients value my gifts, and are happy to pay top dollar for my services.
  • I love what I do, and would continue my events and services even without pay.
  • My professional experience ranges from writing books, directing plays, producing events, starring on a reality show, and managing national news, to running a private coaching practice.
  • I am constantly experimenting and pioneering new tribal technologies.
  • My vision is to build a global network of like-minded lovers who are leading thriving communities all around the world!

The LOVE LEADERSHIP training is for you if: 

  • You want to be financially rewarded for hosting the same events and classes that you would normally pay to attend.
  • You want  step-by-step coaching on how to build a successful private practice in the area of sex and relationship.
  • You want to build a vibrant sex-positive list, network or community and want intimate relationships that will last a lifetime.
  • You want to become recognized for making an original contribution to the field(s) of sex, love and/or relationship.
  • You want private coaching and accountability by a successful role model in the industry.

If this sounds like you and you’d like to fill out an application and schedule a private interview please contact:  BONUS: The first 12 leaders to register will receive one-on-one mentorship directly from Kamala Devi!

Curriculum Highlights: 

  • Uncovering your gifts and how to build your practice around it.
  • Safely moving beyond talk therapy to hands-on session work.
  • Self-promotion, marketing and building an online platform.
  • Best practices when building a sustainable sex coaching profession.
  • How to package and price your offerings to your unique community.
  • Preconditioning your community to become ideal clients and avoid role crisis.
  • Crafting your personal narrative and sharing your authentic story.
  • Overcoming mental/emotional obstacles such as self-sabotage, burnout, self worth.
  • How to host other professionals and build your network.
  • Conflict resolution when working with couples and families.
  • Expert facilitation tips when dealing with sensitive topics.
  • Formulas for producing successful and recurring events.
  • Event production shortcuts, tips and tools that you won’t get anywhere else.
  • Screening, disqualifying and blocking clients who are not a match.
  • Step-by-step coaching if you want to do a product launch or write an e-book.

I am literally opening my curriculum to the members of this LOVE LEADERSHIP mastermind so that you can get personalized coaching on anything I teach. With my personal mentorship, you could be facilitating:

  • Beyond Monogamy 9-week course
  • Monthly Sacred Snuggle Parties
  • Tantra Talks and Poly Potlucks
  • Artist Way 90-day Journey
  • How to Write a Book in 90 Days
  • Tantra Theater and Sexual Storytelling
  • Zegg Forum Facilitation Training

Tantra Theater and Polyamory Events

How is LOVE LEADERSHIP structured?

If your application is accepted, after a 30-minute phone interview and a deposit has been made you will have access to:

  • An online “Members Only” group for ongoing support and communication.
  • A monthly Professional Development Lecture (1-hour tele-conference).
  • A monthly Q & A call where your personal questions will be answered by Kamala Devi.
  • Weekly community calls where you leave with a plan of action for each week.
  • Online resources, templates and forms for your business plan.
  • Small group accountability calls and emails.
  • A self-assessment form to evaluate your goals and progress.
  • A recording library with access to any of the calls you miss.
  • Bonus for first 12 people who register: 3 hours of private coaching with Kamala Devi.

This program also includes 2 weekend retreats with over 15 hours of live, hands-on, interactive and experiential guidance by Kamala Devi and guest teachers. Here is an overview of the curriculum during these private mastermind weekends:

  • Clarification of your gifts and purpose as you upgrade your business plan.
  • Demo of a hands-on sexual healing session with deep Q & A.
  • Principles of running, discharging, and moving energy.
  • An introduction to sex magic and transformative lovemaking.
  • An empowerment puja to activate your Inner Guru.
  • Massive adjustment in how you’re showing up to your service.
  • Visioning, planning and feedback on a breakthrough event of your creation.
  • The support, inspiration, accountability and wisdom of your peers.
  • Learn to optimize your natural gifts and make your dream job a reality!

Weekend 1:  APRIL 18, 19, 20, 2014.  Non-Residential Immersive Weekend Retreat in San Diego

Weekend 2:   AUGUST 14,15,16, 2014.  Non-Residential Immersive Weekend Retreat in San Diego

Register-Now-Kamala-DeviCourse Tuition: This fee includes tuition for both weekend retreats, 9 months of telephone and online support, and full access to mentorship on Kamala Devi’s curriculum. $4,997 US

Early Registration Discount and Payment Option:  A Deep Discount is available if you register early. Also, a 3-pay option is available for a monthly payment of $1,999. If you pay in full, with cash or check, the entire package is only $3,997 US.

IMPORTANT: I’m looking for at least 12 high-level teachers, healers or coaches to register by February 28th in order to begin this program. Our target date to begin is March 1st, so please e-mail immediately if you’re curious about an interview. In order to hold your space we are requesting a fully-refundable deposit of $497.

NOTE: The only additional costs would be travel and food if you are coming from outside of San Diego for the weekend retreats. There is also a suggested reading list of books, DVDs and other resources that are optional and available for purchase if needed.

BONUS:  First 12 people to register for the LOVE LEADERSHIP program will receive:

  • 3 hours of personal strategy sessions with Kamala Devi.
  • A Deep Discount of 50% to all of Kamala Devi’s events in 2014.

This high-level mastermind and mentorship program has been in creation for the last 3 years. I encourage you to take the leap and become part of the pilot program in 2014! I look forward to our private interview and welcoming you into my inner circle.

Infinite Love,
Kamala Devi

Testimonials of Kamala Devi’s Mentorship: 

“Kamala is a genius, great teacher and wonderful lover. I recommend her to anyone who wants to explore the philosophies of more love and polyamory.  She is wise, experienced and intuitive.  She teaches with compassion, humor and lots of hands-on wisdom.”  ~Charles Muir, Director, Source School of Tantra, Inc.

“Kamala Devi is a shining star among the new generation of polyamory teachers and role models. I highly recommend her courageous and straightforward approach to loving more.” ~Deborah Taj Anapol, Author of Polyamory in the 21st Century (2010), The Seven Natural Laws of Love (2005), and Love Without Limits (1992); Relationship Coach, Speaker, Seminar Leader.

Everything is deep ecology with Kamala Devi.  She doesn’t direct from the side or pontificate from a stage. Kamala Devi will get naked with you; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  She is an active participant in everything she does.  Kamala Devi doesn’t know anything but 100%.  When you work with her you get all of her.  There is no holding back.  She doesn’t just teach what she knows, she teaches what she lives.

Working with Kamala Devi will change your life.  Not because you will learn to be like her but because you will learn to be more you.  Every teaching, practice exercise I have ever seen her employ has had a single purpose; to access a greater experience of authenticity.  To take a journey with Kamala Devi is a journey home.  You will know yourself in a profoundly different way and fall deeper in love with the self you have found. ~Adam Paulman,  Tantric counselor specializing in Non-Violent Communication, ZEGG forum & Tantsu.

“I celebrate Kamala Devi’s courage and applaud her advocacy for the Polyamory movement. We are proud to have had her as the keynote speaker for the Poly Living Conference in 2013.” ~Robyn Trask, Executive Director and Editor of Loving More Non-Profit.

“Thank you, Kamala Devi, for co-creating the perfect retreat with me/us over the past five days. I am consistently inspired by your devotion, honesty and precision. I love working and playing with you and your Love Pod!”  ~Scott Catamas, Co-founder of Love Coach Academy

“Even though I’ve been giving Tantric healing sessions for a few years, I knew there was something I was missing. Charles Muir and Kamala Devi are the perfect duo to take my practice to the next level. They have the hands-on work and business mastery that’s needed to really make this a fulfilling and abundant path, both spiritually and financially.” ~Keli Lalita.

“Being a Holistic Health Practitioner for over 17 years, the one thing missing from my practice was the ability to help others in ‘sacred sexuality.’ The professionalism, knowledge and variety that Charles Muir and Kamala Devi bring to the table is a powerful combination. With their hands-on guidance, through workshops, classes and private sessions, they have helped me hone my sensitivity and intuition for a more full-rounded practice. I HIGHLY recommend this course for those wishing to deepen their knowledge and confidence in working with others.” ~Roxanne DePalma

“I have done events in my community with so many teachers. I am a regular with Kamala Devi because not only does she offer deep knowledge and wisdom in her Tantra teachings, she is a role model with pristine integrity. She introduced me to Charles Muir, grandfather of Modern Tantra, a pioneer with elegance and wit. Being a new provider I can’t imagine putting the tender heartbeat of my practice into better hands. I plan on being way upgraded by this team at this workshop.” ~Cathleene Cienfuegos

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