Like Puzzle Pieces

Rationality dissolves
like sugar in water, around us.
Salty tears and the smell of blood
have no meaning, except that
which we give them.
And I give them a lot,
–I’m generous, that way.

I cry every day,
and bleed every month,

BW Kamala Devi n Roxanne anniersary

when my womb melts
from the inside out

as a regular reminder
that we create life–
It’s just how we’re built.

Being by your body
gives my womb permission.
Somehow the frequency
of your womanhood resonates
like a tuning fork, in my arms,
when you’re there,
just breathing.

Your hands against my skin
make a certain sound,
nobody else can hear–
like the taste in my mouth
when you look at me,
or elsewhere.

So, I write lyrics to songs
that will never be sung
and dance with myself
when you are not here.
The ache in my joints
hints at our years together
and screams:

“I want to grow old with you.”

Woman, I want to peel off
the veils that cloak reality
so we can see the contrast
between now and eternity.

I’m done playing hide and seek
with love, the truth, and god.
You have tagged me in
and together we’re teamed,
like a double negative
that makes everything


When I cry, or bleed, now,
You may–or may not–join me,
but I am not alone.

We are reconciling opposites.
Like puzzle pieces, that don’t
actually fit, but leave a hole
in the picture, so we can
remember it’s an illusion.

KamalaDevi 7.22.14

I wrote this poem the first month Roxanne’s period came and mine didn’t.  I worried that we we somehow let ourselves fall out of synch, because for the first time since as far back as I can remember, we didn’t bleed together on the full moon. I tried to blame it on our stressful schedules or a few cancelled dates. I even took it out on your new girlfriend. But when I went to gay pride, this year, without you, I felt how full my heart was and realized no such thing could separate us, and this lesbian love poem spilled forth–to fill the gap between our periods. I love you, Roxanne.

Photo Credit: Roxanne DePalma and Kamala Devi on our 3 year anniversary.

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