Amara poly poetry in hawaiiThere are too few love poems about polyamory! That’s why I’m delighted when I meet sisters and brothers who have a resonant world view and are willing to sing a different song. I recently stayed with Amara on a beautiful permaculture eco-farm on the big Island and fell in love with her artistry, her poly “ohana” or family, and her creative spirit! Enjoy this love poem and related video & resources:

LOVE STORY   by Amara Karuna

This is the love story for today:
One of my dear friends
is making love
with another dear friend
who is also my lover
Their joining
opens a sphere of radiance
bright as a sun
It paints beauty on their faces
I laugh with joy
pleasure in the love dance of others
How is it possible?
because the real Love Story is this:
One of my hands
is making love
with my other hand
One side of my heart
has found its mate
in the other side
and is beating a perfect rhythm
that sets everything dancing
in deep spirals of bliss
If I drop this illusion of separation
their love is my love
their breath is my breath
Let Love flow
however it can
into this world
Who cares
what bodies it uses?
We all drink
from the same
infinite cup

Additionally here is a Video of the Love Story turned into a Love Song:

Author’s Notes: Admittedly, the song is unabashedly optimistic and arguably one sided… but I like it.  I wrote the poem first, then then song lyrics. then recorded the song, then made a video out of it… all on my little macbook, just for fun.

Amara Wahaba Karuna lives half the year at La’akea Permaculture Community, on the Big Island of Hawaii.  She has been studying, practicing and teaching various forms of peer counseling since 1983. She developed her own approach to peer counseling, called Wholistic Peer Support, or Holistic Peer Counseling, integrating many ideas from Re-evaluation Co-counseling with spiritual meditation practices, psychic healing and body centered techniques.   She offers individual and couples sessions.
 For more info about Amara Wahaba Karuna’s art, trainings and services Check out: 
Also, I highly recommend a powerful personal growth resource:
* Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy is a form if inner child therapy targeting the infant state of awareness.  Amara Also offers training and sessions in this powerful transformative work.
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