Dear Soul Tribe,

I love to roleplay!    

So, when asked to speak for 5 minutes about how to avoid being AWKWARD while dating and connecting in poly community. I jumped into a spontaneous role play with my co-facilitator William Winters on this high energy Poly Panic to Poly Secure Webinar hosted by Leveled Up Love. (Replay Video Time Stamp: 18:45-25min.)

I also enjoyed hearing Jessica Fern talk about different kinds of jealousy. She even illustrates “Justice-Jealousy” with a vulnerable and juicy personal story from her dating life. (You can watch it for yourself: Time Stamp: 32:10-36:59)

We will be diving deeper into this conversation in a Weekend Immersion with Jessica Fern, (and many other amazing open relationship guides)  The weekend is called The Secure Poly Experience, Saturday, April 17th & 18

By the way, if your in a non-monogamous relationship and you want a to read a game-changing guide, I HIGHLY recommend Jessica Fern’s groundbreaking new book:  PolySecure. 

Happy Full Moon!
KD (They/Them) KamalaDevi McClure

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