I love Star Trek because of its bold exploration of the unknown. It’s essentially about space shamanism. And of all the wild multidimensional alien races that are used to portray human nature, the species I most identify with is the Trill. (A wise hermaphroditic being who inhabits various host bodies and retains the memories of each incarnation.)

This year, for my Birthday, an intimate circle of Dakinis indulged me in this fantasy cosplay. Thank you for tempting all my senses with the topless brunch, music, frankincense, mocha, homemade apple pie & Bodypaint role play extravaganza.

If you resonate, you’ll love my Erotic Novel which has tons of fantasy role play. Check out 52 Fridays: A Queer, Tantric, Kinky, Polyamorous Love Story HERE.

Photography by Summer Athena Fae moondustartifacts.com
Summer also did an underwater valentines photoshoot last year, check it out: “Surrendering-into-the-watery-depths-of-love

Here are some spontaneous behind-the-scenes shots, Thank you to my art director: Lalita A Diaz, Sharmila Graefer for hosting and baking, Summer Fah for not just the photos but the music and Roxanne DePalma for always musing me!

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