One of Michael McClure’s deepest gifts to the world is play and comedy. He is the quintessential archetype of the sacred clown. Anyone who has spent time with him can attest to how healing his humor is. Here is a fun series of some of his performances in over 10 years of working with Tantra theater. Enjoy. 

Michael at Tantra Theater

Tantra Theater has fun laughing at ourselves. This is a playful spoof at how people in our tantra community speak. Whether you are single, practicing polyamory, married, dating, swinging, kinky, tantric –or beyond labels–you’re going to love San Diego Tantra Theater. We are a collective of healers and teachers who use performance art to transmute sexual guilt fear and shame into art, healing, and liberation. 

Tantra Theater Improvisation

Shawn Roop, Viraja Prema, and Michael McClure, spoof tantra teachers and Tantra educators in this hilarious improvisational skit directed by KamalaDevi for San Diego’s Tantra Theater:

Too Good To Be True

In ‘Too Good to Be True’, Michael McClure plays the narcissistic French lounge singer, Pierre Jackass as he spoofs “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Franki Valli and the 4 Seasons! Thank you, Rita, Joy, Roxanne, Jennifer, and Heidi for doing the Can-Can…on their backs!

Tantric Sex Seminar Remake

Michael does a remake of Tantric Sex Seminar by Comedy Inc. at The Boho Show. This was performed in San Diego. May 2011 Tantra Theater Players include: Featuring original work by Shawn Roop, Michael McClure, Akasha Rose, Heidi GoodieGoddess, Esteban Cisnez, Katie Holton, James S.,  Kassia Young-Walker, Mankx Wilson, It was directed by KamalaDevi:

Swami Maha Lingam

Swami Maha Lingam (AKA Swami G-Spot) is a tantric avatar who is able to lay eggs and produce lingerie from his talented penis. This piece was originally inspired by Steve Martin and played by Michael McClure. Special appearance by Akasha Rose. Directed by Kamala Devi. For more original performance art about sacred sex, visit the Tantra Theater website

Brahma the Great Creator

Michael also played an original Song about creation: “Brahma the great creator.” This piece was performed in Tantra Theater’s 2011 holiday show called the SACK-RELIGIOUS Show: Cum all ye who are religious i the Sack!  Directed by Kamala Devi at Queen Bee’s Art and Culture Center in Northpark San Diego.

About Michael

Michael McClure is an atheist, come spiritualist. His spiritual awakening 20 years ago included visions of relationships that set him on the paths of polyamory and tantra. He has become a futurist and proactivist for the environment and human evolution. He is an environmentalist, musician, comedian, and Co-Founder of Tantra Theater. Michael is married to KamalaDevi and together, they have a son and an intimate network of about a dozen lovers. 

His environmental work has reduced global warming emissions by hundreds of tons using commercial lighting technologies. Even his ecological home has been featured on the GreenBuilt Tour. He is a spokesman for honest communication, sexual liberation, and safe sex. A lifetime surfer and athlete, he leads men’s groups, and video clips of his improvisational and stand-up comedy can be found on my website.

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