On this dark new moon, in Scorpio, between Halloween and Thanksgiving, I’ve been marveling at modern-day mystery temples. What purpose do they serve? And what does it mean to be a temple priest or priestess? (Or my favorite new gender-neutral term: Priestex!) These sacred gatherings and spaces give permission to a full range of spirituality and sexuality…to what end? 

     For me, Temple is a place where we can worship with the whole of our body, mind, heart, and soul….a place to serve LOVE.  I’m inquiring deeper into how to support each other in transcending the ego, our cultural programming, and other dualities, in order to open ourselves to the wisdom of the world soul. Watch this video on: What is Temple Culture? And how do we live it?

One of the many things we practice in order to land temples is sensitivity to the shamanic forces in the earth. Our gatherings are held on sacred sites where we can do land journeys and work with the earth.  During the 10 day Temple Intensive in Costa Rica, we will be staying together on an intentional permaculture community dedicated to landing temples in the Americas. We will also receive transmissions from Bruce Lyon, founder of the Highden Temple in NZ. 

     If you resonate, scroll down to read about our curriculum and details on how to register if you feel called.
Wake up & Dream.
KD (They/Them) KamalaDevi McClure 


P.S. I would love to hear from you, and if you resonate with one of my upcoming offerings, I’d love to connect deeper. Please scroll down to and read my invitations and pencil them into your calendar. Be sure to meditate or pray to see if when your soul feels called to meet again…


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