To all of you who have opened your beautiful hearts to me and shared the most intimate, vulnerable, and precious moments of your life, I’m eternally grateful for showing me so much trust and love. As I’m truly committed to raising sexuality and consciousness education amongst all of us and helping to grow our community, I am recommending you my own favorite Love Leaders who are doing incredible work within the field.

Love Leaders

SUMATI SPARKS, Oakland, California

Sumati has a profound, years-long experience in polyamorous and open relationships and she is dedicated to helping others to live a fulfilled romantic life without unnecessary limitations. 

More information on her website: https://sumatisparks.com


With her mantra ‘Be and Receive’, Elizabeth helps people through somatic intimacy coaching to accept, respect, and love all parts of ourselves until becoming that version of ourselves we want to be. 

More information on her website: https://somaticintimacy.org

JENA LA FLAMME, San Francisco, California

Jena is a teacher of Sacred Sex, Body Confidence, and Sensual Movement. Her goal is to help others have a delicious, fulfilling, meaningful sex life, and inhabit their body with confidence, pleasure, and ease.

More information on her website: https://www.jenalaflamme.com/

BRE REILLY, Carlsbad, California

Bre provides love and intimacy coaching to help others feel safe and free to be authentically self-expressed.

More information on her website: https://www.liberateyourlove.com


Mariana is an educator by training and Sexual Somatic Therapist by vocation and passion, eternal apprentice of modern and ancient Healing Arts. She uses the systemic field of human relations and the body as sources of inspiration for self-investigation.

More information on her website: https://marianafranca.com/en/home-2/

PHEONIX MURANETZ, Duncan, British Columbia

Phoenix is a founder of Temple Arts Alchemy,  and she helps others find their purpose and discover what truly fulfills them. 

More information on her website: https://www.facebook.com/phoenix.m.amara

DANIELLA HINES, Toronto, Canada

Daniella works with you through the surface story to clear limiting beliefs that you may not even know are derailing you. Her passion is sharing her lessons in sexual empowerment through one-on-one self-love life coaching sessions and workshops.  

More information on her website: http://daniellahines.ca/about/

Recommended ISTA Practitioners

ISTA is dedicated to raising sexuality and consciousness education all around the world to grow community, provide conferences, and initiatory events to all people, training to practitioners and teachers, but also offer tools and collaborations to support the emergence of Temples across the globe. ISTA is serving this life/love, and it is so much more than an organization – it’s an expression of a living organism of Love.


Drawing from the pagan roots of Kabbalah, sexual shamanism, and other wisdom traditions, Dawn will help you to connect to your Wild Sacred Nature so you can shine on and shine fully.

More information on her website: https://www.kabalove.org/?fbclid=IwAR1nX19WQ9ATjpOtnAHfG68oz8PpFMsZDvUEDVWTT83Uy4cZHOwMZJsrMCU


Xavier will help you find, practice and share all the ways he discovered to love and live life in a more wholesome and fulfilling way. 

More information on his website: https://www.spaceoflove.org/


Janine supports people to live a life of spiritual embodiment, shadow integration, wild innocence, radical love, and an ecstatic resonance anchored in the dark beyond polarity.

More information on her website: https://redearthtemple.com/


Stephanie is a global teacher at the forefront of the conscious sexuality movement. She initiates groups with Tantric and shamanic practices, pattern reframing, and the deep call of our inner wisdom. 

More information on her website: https://tantricsynergy.com.au/

TRIAMBIKA VIVE, San Francisco, California

Triambika helps soulful people move from being stuck in old patterns, to be self-empowered. She helps to release sexual limitations, traumas, and deeply held limiting beliefs, inviting in bold new possibilities. 

More information on her website: https://www.triambikamavive.com/

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