Spread the love and support the arts by giving or receiving one of my six published books on the topics of sex, love, relationship & shamanism. 

This is an unforgettable way to share your lifestyle and love with friends and family, especially if you live a kinky, queer, or poly lifestyle and know people in your family who are curious to learn more. Or maybe you are wanting to start down your own path of sexual shamanism or ethical non-monogamy, and want buy a book for yourself. Either way, I must warn you: They will not fit into a Christmas stocking, but they surely will knock your socks off – and probably more than your socks! (Especially my 2 erotic novels.)

If you want to give or get books in time for the holidays, you should probably order them immediately, since the pandemic the supply chain has been strained so I suggest you make an order right now, (as soon as you finish reading my list). Soon you’ll be curled up in bed, or sipping a hot cup of tea while watching your windows steam up. 

1. 52 Fridays


What happens when a polyamorous theater director and her submissive student start blurring the lines between role-playing and reality? Eager to explore deeper polyamory,  Violet, a sexually adventurous bisexual decides to participate in weekly acting classes from her boyfriend’s former girlfriend, Raven. Soon, they both discover they share an interest in kink and begin a D/S power exchange. As their intricate web of dark fantasies leads to complications and misunderstandings, Violet and Raven must navigate agreements with their male partners. 

Will group sex be the glue that holds it together? Will they be able to transmute their perverted fantasies into performance art? Or, will the dramatization of a childhood sexual trauma result in re-wounding? ‘52 Fridays’ entails 52 erotic fantasies where they both transmute jealousy with tantric alchemy, while also inviting other lovers, and sometimes sharing their sexuality with strangers.

Order 52 Fridays here

2. Sex Shamans


The leaders of the global sexual shamanism movement shared their transformative stories and sexual healing practices in this book that shares intimate details on how they overcame their internal struggles with heartache, social shame, and mental illness to discover their calling as a sacred sexual healer. In it, you will find the same number of in-depth embodiment exercises, such as soul gazing, sexual divination, contacting your spirit guides, energetic sex, self-pleasuring, moon blood rituals, etc.

‘Sex Shamans’ offers 20 diverse voices of the global sexual shamanism community, who are also all part of the International School of Temple Arts, or ISTA. Some of the voices you can find in ‘Sex Shamans’ are Baba Dez Nichols, Bruce Lyon, Crystal Dawn Morris, Deborah Taj Anapol, Ellie Wilde, Laurie Handlers, Ohad Pele Ezrahi, and Stephen SouLove.

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3. Polyamorous Pearls


This is a great cheat sheet with quick, dirty shortcuts to all the mysteries of having multiple relationships. In almost two decades of talking about polyamory in media, KamalaDevi McClure perfected the fine art of sound-bite speaking. Polyamory Pearls is stuffed with hot one-liners on anything from threesomes to open marriage. 

The book is a must for anyone in an alternative relationship, coaches, writers, public speakers, or someone who is simply looking to get laid. With humor and spirituality intertwined throughout the book, you will also appreciate the original humorous cartoons and quotations on ethical non-monogamy. 

Order Polyamorous Pearls here

4. Sacred Slut Sutras


All the sutras you will find in this book are strings on the sweater of reality. You need to read them slowly until eventually existence comes undone in your hands. If you’re uncomfortable with some of the deepest mysteries of the Universe, you should probably skip this book because its greatest paradoxes might only become even more perplexing. If you’re a prude, it’s best to avoid it as well. 

Order Sacred Slut Sutras here

5. Sacred Sexual Healing


My book ‘Sacred Sexual Healing: The SHAMAN Method of Sex Magic’ will blow your bedroom doors off with the Tantra revolution. This book exposes the work of the modern Daka and Dakini and makes practical, sacred sexual secrets available to everyone. In a clear voice, you will be able to find many exercises to experience your body as a temple, release guilt, shame and fear about sex, increase your orgasmic potential get your needs met in a relationship, and so much more. 

Female readers might rediscover their libido, while also relieving pain during intercourse and connecting with their own sexual intuition, while male readers might eliminate their fear of intimacy, while also curing performance anxiety, and discovering ways to sexually satisfy a woman. The goal of this book is to heal the largest collective wound there is the separation between Sex and Spirit.

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6. Don’t Drink The Punch


This novel will help you discover what truly Tantra is. Take a tour through your chakras and study ancient sexual secrets, while also learning about ejaculation control, transcendental lovemaking, mantra and meditation, and more. The protagonist, Sal, is on a hedonistic stopover in Bangkok where he meets Saraswati, a Brazilian yoga teacher, who he follows to an Indian ashram. 

After a serious illness and drug dealing in Goa, Sal finds himself running from the law. His gut is telling him to leave the sex cult, but he wants to stay with the only spiritual truth he’s ever known. What will he choose?

Order Don’t Drink The Punch here

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