As I’m preparing for two ISTA events in Northern California, I wanted to take a moment to shine a light on ISTA Family Fusion which will also take place in California from August 10th to 17th.  

An experimental week-long immersive summer camp, Family Fusion is an exploration of what it takes for adults, kids, teens, and elders to be whole embodied human beings.

Michael and I will be the facilitators, together with Crystal Dawn Morris, Rich Priddis, Kamela Love, Philippe Lewis, and Katerina Pheonix.

For all parents or non-parents working with youth, this experiment will help us work with our inner children and simultaneously with our outer children as well, while youth will be awakening to their inner adults!

Integrate your family with the values of Love, Power, and Freedom, and join us at Family Fusion in California.

For other ISTA events, check my Events page and reserve your place on time.

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