kamaladevi love leadership livestream

Happy Leo New Moon!

During these turbulent times, I want to offer you a special gift to help you navigate any difficult conversations you may have this month. Since Nebula’s astrologer says: “We can expect an unexpected upheaval and change, things might feel like they’re falling apart to fall together.” I am blessing you with ease and grace!

Another passion project that I’m excited to announce a new series of Love Leadership Livestream, where I’m having intimate conversations with members of my career coven so you can get to know these brave, caring visionaries as they speak on topics such as:

  • Sex magic,
  • Energy mastery,
  • Relationships tips & tools,
  • Art activism,
  • Ethical non-monogamy,…

Watch the first episode of Love Leadership Livestream with one of my Love Leaders, Sumati Sparks, on how to break through your breakup. We talked about Sumati’s personal experience, in which seeing her ex in a poly community gave her an opportunity to take a look at all the emotions that appeared during and after the breakup. Avoiding meeting the person we were once romantically involved with can actually prolong the healing process and is something most of us are guilty of.

In the meantime, If you are an erotic entrepreneur or sex and relationship coach, I’d be happy to set up a discovery session to see how I can support you before the next enrollment for Love Leadership, this Fall Solstice, Sept. 23rd.

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