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Aurelie is one of the Love Leaders in my mentorship program for erotic entrepreneurs. In tantric and erotic arts, there is often more emphasis on serving and giving, and many people don’t know how to receive. Feeling not good enough or unworthy makes us uncomfortable to receive in all areas of our lives, and Aurelie and I go deeper into ways to do it in this conversation.

Your worth has nothing to do with the money in your bank account.

We all often ask ourselves questions that start with “Am I worthy…”

Am I worthy of buying a first-class ticket for my vacation?

Am I worthy to take a 3-week vacation?

Am I worthy of living in a multi-millionaire house?

These were just some of the questions that Aurelie mentioned she was aware of in her process of learning to receive her worth. It happens more than we’re aware of and it starts changing when we allow ourselves to break these limitations of feeling unworthy.

Learn why Aurelie mentions orgasm as an important learning experience of letting go of the ‘How’ and surrendering to receiving.

Love Leadership Livestream

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