Save the Date! KamalaDevi’s New book “Polyamory Pearls” is scheduled to Launch on Amazon this Valentines 2016. Here’s a Sneak Peek of the Back cover text and the Original Art. Subtitle: Subversive Wisdom on Open Relationship, Jealousy, Group sex and OPolyamory Pearls Cover Draft1ther Spiritual Pursuits.

Want a cheat sheet with all the short cuts and cliff notes to alternative relationships?

In over a decade of doing media on and polyamory, Kamala Devi has mastered the fine art of speaking in soundbites. This book is stuffed with non-conventional one-liners on everything from threesomes to open marriage. Its invaluable for everyone who’s love expands beyond the norm. Bonus points if you’re a relationship coach, writer, public speaker, or anyone just looking to get laid. It is alphabetized by subject and illustrated with original cartoons by Norman Jung!

My parents used to hide their playboy magazines between the mattress and I when I found them, I used to relish in the cartoons…That is what inspired the “old school’ gag-style cartoons. Enjoy this Random sample of several sutras and a couple of cartoons! Indulge:

“Stop tempting me with love, to get sex, and I’ll stop teasing you with sex, to get love.”

PP 6) Free Love web“Heartache is inevitable when our immense capacity to love is reduced to a single focus on just one other human being.”

“If God didn’t intend for us to have group sex, why would she give us more erogenous zones than one person could possibly pleasure?”

“Polyamory is no better or worse than Monogamy, it’s just a relationship structure that works better or worse for different people, at different times.”

Polyamory Pearls Open Marriage web

“When somebody wants the same thing I want — and is better at attaining it — I can chose to see them as competition, or as my teacher.”

“Rather than a wife, after all these years of marriage I prefer to think of myself as a perpetual lover.”

“If you don’t trust that what you bring to relationship is unique and incomparable, then polyamory may not be for you.”

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