jealousy-is-art-kamaladeviI’m back from my wild tantric summer vacation in Sweden and the Chech Republic and here’s a postcard from my soul.

My heart is opening so wide, it feels inside out.

As a citizen of planet Earth, during this critical US presidential election, it I feel it’s important to to step out of my comfortable and privledged bubble to see the larger political and ecological picture. Obviously, we are all playing our part in the current global disaster, and am keeping my eyes open for ways to take more responsibility for ushering in new paradigms and solutions.

Devin, my 9 year  started 4th grade this week with a renewed sense of connection to mamma Earth because he got to hike in the Scandanavian forrests and pick blueberries. Then he made blueberry muffins from his harvest.

During our first week, my husband and I also gained a deeper commitment to creating conscious community. There are about twenty people who live at Angsbaka retreat center year around, and over fifty people who have moved to the nearby town to participate in the vision of “becoming one of Europe’s leading meeting points for human sustainable development, and a source of inspiration for social, personal and global well being.” Summer is festival season and we got to know the visionary goddess Lin Homquest who founded the Annual Tantra Festival. I was most impressed by how relaxed and available she remained as a nursing mother who organized a revolutionary event which boasted of over 520 attendees this year! It was wonderful to teach a Snuggle Party, Tantra Theater and my signature talk on Polyamory.


Afterwards, ISTA also had a record number of 72 participants at our week-long Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience led by Bruce Lyon, Nityan and Myself. During the last year Bruce Lyon has been a bright guiding star in my soul’s journey home. It was a delight and honor to weave our teachings with Dhyan Niten. These two men helped me cultivate a healthy relationship with my inner- masculine. Because of the large size of the group, it was extra valuable to have the support of my beloveds Michael & Ria as they joined the assistant team along with Matthias Schwenteck, Patrik Olterman, Sanna Sarita, Hajo Schumaker, & Binoy D’Souza. These powerful beings helped increase the energy field and many participants reported profound awakening experiences. I had an extra personal transformation because of the healing with my former lover Rachel and her new beloved Buster who courageously chose to join us for these two weeks journey.ista-sweden-2016

Next stop: Chec Republic for Bruce Lyon’s mystery school teachings called “Wild Love.” After kissing my husband and son goodbye, I set off with the intention to learn to think with my heart. I surrendered my agendas, Let go of everything I thought I knew and gave myself over to the empty/full transmissions of true love. While there, I met Mia, a beautiful soul sister from Finland and reconnected with Araminta and Aviv. One of the deep emotional experiments that Bruce challenged us to explore was what is your pattern, your story or your coping strategy, when the beloved is with someone else and you feel left out? We crafted a specific situation meant to bring up our Jealousy, and I was surprised to discover that loneliness causes me to turn inside out and inspires some of my best art.
The fruit of this exercise is this discovery:
Jealousy happens at the level of the personality, whereas compersion comes from the soul.

During my 12 hour flight home, I did not watch a single movie so that I could harvest the lessons of this mind blowing trip. I wrote poetry, blogs and love letters, then left my journal on the seatback pocket of the airplane from Frankfurt, Germany. Alas, my summer yield can not be lost because these teachings were planted like seeds, deep within my being. And now I’m home, and it’s time to offer my gifts in service to the collective. This Fall, I am delighted to be sharing a number of new offerings.

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