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Dossie Easton: Kamala Devi shares her wisdom, wit and profound insights in this collection of cartoons and quotations with wonderful humor about the all-too-serious subject of ethical non monogamy. You’ll want to keep this book somewhere handy so you can open it to a delightful quote whenever you need it. ~MFT, Co-Author with Janet Hardy of The Ethical Slut

Tristan Taormino: “Most People Know Kamala Devi because of her activism or onscreen appearnaces, but until they read this book, they may not realize what a fresh, new, sexy and funny voice she brings to the movement.”

~Author of Opening Up

Polyamory Pearls is finally out in Print! And I am elated that it is available on Amazon!  It’s an outrageously fun work of art. I hope it inspires you to get a copy TODAY, Use this link:
(Maybe if I become a bestseller on Amazon, they’ll might un-censor my other book!) 

Michael Ellsberg: “Few people have spent as much time thinking about, living, experimenting, learning, and teaching about polyamory as KamalaDevi McClure. And it shows in her writing. Each line in this pithy book shares her deep wisdom born of years on the front lines of her life and love as a radical sex pioneer.” ~ co-author of The Last Safe Investment

Sasha Lessin: “This book infuses its reader with wisdom from the First Lady of Tantra and Polyamory. Kamala Devi has been the guiding light of the alternative communities of the nonmonogamous and spiritual tantra for many a decade now.  We follow her on Facebook, watch her YouTube, grow in her workshops. Warmth, wisdom and humor; this book gives you hits of life-force tonic. You’ll love it as we of her community love her.” ~PhD, Dean School of Tantra

Amara Karuna: “A lovely visual and verbal treat to snuggle up with! This unique creation is sometimes funny, sometimes contemplative, sometimes sobering, always leading one into a deeper space of awareness. The perfect bedside book.”~ Author of Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy: Healing Our Hearts

Kelly Bryson: “KamalaDevi has done it again! in her own undomesticated deva way.  She has brought Art, Wisdom & Eros together, to make another record crop of Love, Beauty, and Higher Consciousness.  Some of her pointed one lines pierce the mark, go right to the heart, slaying the illusion of Ego, liberating love.” ~Author of Don’t Be Nice, Be Real

SerenaGaia Anderlini-D’Onofrio: “Enjoy KamalaDevi’s Sutras and the inspiring art that accompany them prove that one can be wiser than one’s age and look forward to a future of authentic, inspiring, and expanding love.They are an elixir for the heart, mind, and crotch. The sexual and the divine are married again in her.  This poetry comes in the best tradition of erotic verse, after Anais Nin, Salman Rushdie, Veronica Franco, Ovid.”~ Author of Ecosexuality, Gaia, Eros, and many more.  

Robyn Trask: “I celebrate Kamala Devi’s courage and applaud her advocacy for the Polyamory movement. We were proud to have her as the keynote speaker for Poly Living Conference in 2013.”~Executive Director and Editor of Loving More Non-Profit http://www.LoveMore.com

Deborah Taj Anapol: “Kamala Devi is a shining star among the new generation of polyamory teachers and role models. I highly recommend her courageous and straightforward approach to loving more.”~  Author of Love without Limits & Polyamory in the 21st Century

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