Beloved One,

Sometimes my tantric path feels so transformative that I’ve stepped into a whole new incarnation during this lifetime, I didn’t even have to die to be reincarnated.

Remember the bright young woman that moved in with me and my husband and son? Rachel. For two years we tried to re-define our marriage so that we could live together as a triad, but due to stress, jealousy, health and personality differences— we ended up parting ways. It was painful…
…And growthful.
We have each been doing our fair share of shadow work. In the last 2 years, not only have I transformed my health, but Michael and I have rebuilt our marriage from the bottom up. Meanwhile, Rachel met a beautiful man and moved with him to Sweden. Somehow, this summer we’ll all be spending time traveling, teaching, working and playing together at the Angsbaka Tantra Festival followed by a deep dive into the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience led by Bruce Lyon, Dhyan Nityan & myself. Our girlfriend Ria will also be traveling with us, along with dozens of others from our soul tribe. I love having an international tantra tribe, that connects through ISTA. It feels like an unbelievable dream come true. 

As usual, I will try to send videos during my international travels, but in the meantime, let me catch you up on some of the other extraordinary things that have developed in my life:

A) Results from a 3 months Experiment in Neurohacking
B) IMPORTANT Facebook Petition to Legitimize Polyamory
C) A Video for Homeowners (Michael’s Solar Energy)
D) How to write your book, before this year is over!
E) Tantra Festival in California this fall (Save 20%)

A) This ‘Smart Drug’ has an unbelievable affect on my Spiritual Practice!

There is no such thing as a magic pill that will make us reach enlightenment overnight. But here’s an interesting little story about how I stumbled into what is believed to be the most radical “smart drug” on the market today, and how after 3 months of experimenting with Neurohacking, it has had the most astounding effect on my spiritual practice, (of all things!)  
I think of life as a laboratory. Which is ironic since I don’t consider myself a scientist. (The only time you’d catch me in a white lab coat is for some kinky role play.)  I am an artist. And my mission is to guide myself and others enjoy the individual yet indivisible nature of the soul. Click here to Keep Reading about my experience. Or click HERE to go directly to the source. 

B) SIGN this Petition for Facebook to allow users to “write-in” Relationship Status & indicate multiple partners, PLEASE SHARE!

Ever noticed how all the data in the “About You” section of Facebook is self designated. We can “write in” where we were born, have visited, lived, what we do and where we work but NOT our FAMILY & RELATIONSHIP. Why should we be limited to their standard options of what our relationships are ‘supposed’ to look like?  

…Why does Facebook offer a long laundry list of over 50 choices beyond binary gender identity, AND allows us to write-in our own description, but limits our Relationship possibilities to only 12?

Please Sign this petition asking Facebook to 1) Allow us to “write-in” our own relationship style and 2) Change the relationship status function to link to more than one partner (just as it does for other family members.)

C) Michael’s Solar Energy Fun Video for San Diego Homeowners

My beloved Michael was stoked when his new solar technology came in, He is not only a leader in the Solar Energy movement, but also a big DIY guy around the house. (Putting in solar panels for both water and electricity.) I told him he should make a personal video just for our community, there are a lot of local home owners, like us, who would love to get money BACK from SDGE. (This year we got $50 for making our own solar energy!) Watch Video HERE.

D) How to channel your book, and finish it this year!

New group starts in September! I released 2 new books this year! I’ve used this method for my own books as well as helping dozens of published authors–In record time!

Are you tired of talking about a great book idea that never actually makes it onto paper? Do you want to experience the excitement, accomplishment and prestige of completing a book? Even if you’re a complete novice and have no formal writing training, Kamala Devi will coach you through her proven formula.

Join me for a LIVE tele-class to see if you have what it takes to finish your book before the Summer 2016! Or here’s a link to last season’s Free Preview Call: and for more details about the call starting this fall you can read about it here.
Or if your local, come to my Live Author event at Eve in Encinitas on September 8th!

E) Tantra Festival in California (Save 20%)

I’m ECSTATIC to be furthering the controversial conversation of how TANTRA meets POLYAMORY, Free Love, and Open Relationship at the upcomingCalifornia Tantra Festival, Delighted to be re-connecting with my beloved soul tribe: Rachel Rickards, Laurie Handlers, Eugene Hedlund, Shawn Roop, Richard Bock, Cathleene Cienfuegos, Macaya Patrick McNally and many more!  To get 10% discount on your already reasonable weekend tuition use this promo code: KDevi10
For details go to:

Warm Hugs,
KamalaDevi McClure

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