My hubby Michael was stoked when his new solar technology came in, He is not only a leader in the Solar Energy movement, but also a big DIY guy around the house. (Putting in solar panels for both water and electricity.) I told him he should make a personal video just for our community, there are a lot of local home owners, like us, who would love to get money BACK from SDGE. (This year we got $50 for making our own solar energy!) Watch this:

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If you are a San Diego homeowner you are probably swamped with weekly calls from sales people offering to help lower your utility bills and skyrocket your property value… you know it’s the best time in history to go clean solar, but which company do you trust?

American Solar Fund (ASF) is a Public Benefit company that compiles all government and private grants, programs and funds allowing homeowners to purchase solar without using any of their own money.

Founder Michael McClure has been in the energy efficient home improvement field for over a decade. He’s been managing a leading solar sales team for years, and recently decided to start his own grassroots organization and is offering great deals to the conscious community.

American Solar Fund (ASF) delivers electric power plants:

  • With the best quality and long-term performance
  • Using the highest skilled labor
  • With the longest and most comprehensive warranties
  • With rapid installation – to beat increasing utility rates and regulations
  • At fair and competitive pricing
  • All guaranteed in writing

Five Star Customer Review:  Best Solar Company Period!

American Solar Fund made solar such an easy choice for my house in Clairemont. They had the engineering, design and permits done in a just a few weeks and stayed in touch with me each week with updates – which made me feel super comfortable. Unlike the other solar companies, they educated me on all the types of systems and the state and federal programs and let me choose. I chose HERO which is a state PACE program where I don’t even have to make payments for over 16 months! I especially like that they gave me a lifetime labor warranty – I know they wouldn’t do it if they were using the regular cheap panels and inverters. Thanks! I”m so excited about contributing to keeping our planet healthy! –Cheri B.

Call American Solar Fund Today for a free consultation if you are a homeowner in San Diego County: 858 771 6273

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