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This is me. After my morning Meditation, I wanted to share what has been moving through me. If you like it, I’ll continue to do Video newsletters, but if you prefer getting an old fashion love letter, Let me know. It’s only about 6 minutes, I hope you watch it and tell me what’s in your heart!

In the early days of my sexual awakening, it was hard to be vocal during arousal. When my body turned on, my mind would switch off. It took a lot of practice in order to candidly communicate and spontaneously sound during sex, but the rewards have been abundant, including an expanded sense of connection and orgasmic potential.

Today, I am going through a parallel process with my spirituality. As the veils lift, my mind dissolves and I experience rapture that is utterly indescribable. And yet there is an intense spiritual directive to practice putting it into sound, no matter how awkward and insufficient my poetry, prayer, or praise.

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Shamanic Journey to Israel:

Cosmic Lovers Festival (4 days) November 30 – December 3
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