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Dear Writer friends & lovers,
(& soon-to-be authors!)

Writing can be lonely, frustrating, even crazy-making, but it can also be ecstatic, sublime and richly rewarding. Which side of the fountain pen are you on? How would you like to learn expert tools and tricks to constantly ride the ball point tip of of creation, instead of getting damned up under the pen cap? How would you like to finish that book? And learn how to make a living as a writer? I’m offering a NEW online coaching course for experienced writers which includes my most potent teachings on the magic of writing:

Write That Book! A Master Class with KamalaDevi

For over a decade, I’ve been teaching writers “How to write a book in 90 days” and helped dozens of students — using tantric principles — turn their ideas into books within record time. (Scroll down for social proof.) I’ve worked with thousands of artists, directing Tantra Theater, teaching The Artist Way and coaching professional creatives. NOW, for the first time, I’m gathering my absolute best teachings in one condensed 5 week Master Class called: Write that book!


  • This course is perfect for you if:
  • You have started a book (or at least have a solid concept.)
  • You want to reach more people with your message.
  • You are open minded about channeling and tantric alchemy.
  • You have a burning desire to become a published author. 
  • You want 2017 is your best writing year ever!


Kamala Devi writing polyamory telecourseWhether your writing fiction or non-fiction, in just five weeks, I’ll answer all your questions about how to Write, Edit, Publish, and Sell, your book in the shortest time possible. These weekly classes are designed not only to help you write that book, but kick start you in a sustainable life long writing practice. I’ll give you the tools to turn your dream into a reality. Another benefits of this course is simply surrounding yourself with an invested community of talented writers who all want to support your success! My coaching is based on top coaching strategies, proven writing technologies, and tantric principle! 

What makes this a master class? By definition, a master class is given to students of a particular discipline by an expert of that discipline—usually music, but also painting, drama, any of the arts. This course is designed to help you finish your book whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional.

The comfort of your own home, this course is offered by telephone so that you can spend your time writing instead of driving or online. 

A Free preview call is Here: https://fccdl.in/uVIfNioxL
Free Bonus Audio Call: https://fccdl.in/Pe4XvV9YF
In this call, KamalaDevi plans to share how she condensed her coaching into a 5 week formula to help your writing flow like water. She’ll also answer questions and offer 5 expert tips with no strings attached. Please review the course schedule to see if you can join us for 5 LIVE zoom calls this summer! If you must miss a call or two, don’t worry, the calls will be recorded!

Master Class will be held at 2pm on TUESDAYS:
30th of May  WEEK 1:Riverbanks
6th of June WEEK 2: Headwaters
13th of June WEEK 3: Channel & Flow
20th of June WEEK 4: Tributaries
27th of June WEEK 5: Coming Home

Free PREVIEW call 16th of May at 2pm.

KamalaDevi-book-don't drink the punch WHY?
Here are just a few reasons to finish your book:
1. Dramatically expand your earning potential.
2. Instantly increase your credibility.
3. Travel on book tour and research new subjects.
4. Express your personal world view.
5. Earn Passive Income.
6. Expand your network and database.
7. Get booked for speaking engagements.
8. Authors are immortal.
9. Reach more people with your message.
10. Help others and make a contribution!

The total tuition for this groundbreaking Master Class with 5 zoom group coaching sessions is only $297 via PayPal. (This is the least I’ve ever charged for any of my writing courses, ever!) Returning students get a $50 discount, and you can get this same low early bird price of $247 if you pay up to a month before the class begins. Full tuition is due May 30th, so the early bird ends April 30th. Reserve your space TODAY by paying here: https://www.paypal.me/KamalaDevi  

I guaranteed high value. If you are not happy with your results I offer 100% money back guarantee.  Thank you for supporting me in teaching my passion! 


A writing coach is more than just a good writer, but a great guide, educator and even sometimes a editor. Writing may be my spiritual practice, but I feel that I was put on the planet to mentor and muse other storytellers. I offer sustainable practices that will help manifest raw material and strategic tools to shape your manuscript.  I am open minded, and flexible, which allows me to respond to many different types of writers. Some authors need gentle cheerleading while others need hard deadlines and tough love. Whatever kind of writer you are, I give expert advice about the ever-changing market and insightful shortcuts on how to make a living as an artist.

Kamala Devi writing polyamoryI developed my own style of writing and coaching because I of my discouraging experiences at writing conferences, working for a publishing company and taking hundreds of write-and-critique classes. The old ivory tower approach left me feeling depressed and hopeless.

Still I was desperate to to get my message out, and needed to learn a NEW way to write, so I began combining technical writing tools, with tantric principles and quantum physics…only three months later my book was born! As I told my friends and lovers about my discoveries, they started using my methods and also experienced surprising success.

For the first time in years, I have a new vision of how to structure, channel and download your book. Along with my proven practices on how to restructure your time management, tell everyone you know that you’re doing it, and show up to accountability calls. All I ask is that you devote approximately 10 hours per week to writing during our time together.  I’ve condensed and distilled my deepest teachings in this 5 week tele-course, and want you to get the most out of it. Although I can’t make any promises about exactly when you’ll finish your book, if you do a fraction of what I teach, I expect you’ll write more in these 5 weeks than you’ve ever written in your life!

Reserve your space now by writing bliss@kamaladevi.com or joining our Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/events/981282602002849/ 

Write On,
Kamala Devi
P.S. Here’s a short list of some of my successful graduates who’ve written a book in my course: How to write a book in 90 days: 

Kypris Aster Drake, Author of Journey to Sexual Wholeness
Vicki Vantoch, Author of The Threesome Handbook
Mariette Pan, Author of Dream Spinner
Bad Girl Liz, Author of What Color are Your Stripper Shoes?
Grandpa Jack, Author of Airplanes don’t wear Skis Grampa
Robin Dorhn Simpson, A Peruvian Adventure
Tiffany Silver, Author of Silver to Gold – The Alchemy of the Feminine Heart
Nancy Grace Rosen, Your Breath is a Portal
Diana Jowswick, The Acupuncture Weight Loss Solution
Alex Charish, For you Oprah, A Diet and Workout for your Inner Child
and dozens more who’ve taken this revolutionary class!

P.P.S. Here’s what some of my students are saying:

“I’m a professional writer and thought this would be easy enough to write a book I thought that for 10 yeas while I wrote for other people but couldn’t write my own book. Kamala’s class broke through that barrier of not knowing how it ends, how to deal with the personal nature of my subject and how to write the most compelling exciting work I’ve ever written. I’m so grateful because this book was so long yearning to be written!”
~Debbie Kinsinger

“This is the most powerful kick your butt writing class you well ever take. Beg borrow or steal the fee if you have to because you will reap thousand fold rewards. before taking this course I had been trying for 15 years to write a book today I have finished writing a 200 page book and just sold my first copy. Thank you Kamala Devi!”
~Kypris Aster Drake, Author of Journey to Sexual Wholeness

P.P.PS. Here’s a free link to a fun Audio Recording.

“How to Channel a book in the shortest time possible!” https://fccdl.in/Pe4XvV9YF

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