Adam Gilad asks KamalaDevi deep and dirty questions about…
(1) Multiple Relationships
(2) Skills for a more enlightened society.

(3) Sexual Shamanism and much more!

Enjoy listening to Adam and KamalaDevi,
speaking straight from the heart, HERE

The F! Normal Podcast was created to explore and celebrate compelling alternatives to social, sexual, economic and political norms that constrict the natural creativity and joy of the human spirit. With each episode, we shuffle off tired thoughts, beliefs and habits – and see how we can instead expand your mind, wealth, impact, passion, your unique creative expression and your capacity to love and live freely. Adam Gilad, your host, is a lifelong explorer of the worlds inner and outer – from Wall St. to the jungles of the Amazon, from the Himalaya to Hollywood, where he has worked as an Emmy-nominated Producer and writer, from stilted Academe (Stanford Humanities Center Graduate Research Fellow) to the bawdy (National Lampoon Radio Host). His motto: “F Normal or normal will F you; because normal was not made for you.” Live bold or die…
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