Announcing my books, Sacred Slut Sutras: Radical Insights On Sex, Love, Tantra, Kink & Other Spiritual Pursuits and Polyamory Pearls: Invaluable Wisdom on Open Relationships, Jealousy, Group Sex & Other Spiritual Pursuits as officially available on Kindle at!

Sacred Slut Sutras

Each sutra in this collection is a string on the sweater of reality. Read slowly until eventually existence comes undone in your hands.  Don’t get this book if you are uncomfortable with the deep mystery of the universe, for all the greatest paradoxes will only become more perplexing. Nor is it advised if you are prude, for sex and spirit in these pages are as inextricable as waves and particles. Open Sacred Slut Sutras at your own risk. And consider opening another’s heart by buying more than one copy. This book is intended to be a gift for the beloved, a friend, or a stranger.

“At bedtime, I read the Sacred Sex Sutras aloud to my lover and it was so honest, playful and explicit that it was like we were making love with KamalaDevi herself. Yummy! This book is a treasure chest of valuable pearls that shine sparkly light into hidden, dangerous, intimate places.”
– Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D, 
Ecosexual Artist and Filmmaker

Polyamory Pearls

Looking for a cheat sheet with quick and dirty shortcuts to the mysteries of maintaining multiple relationships? In over a decade of doing media on polyamory, KamalaDevi has mastered the fine art of speaking in sound bites. This book is stuffed with sexy one-liners on everything from threesomes to open marriage. It’s invaluable for anyone in an alternative relationship, especially coaches, writers, public speakers, or commitment-phobes just looking to get laid.

You’ll want to keep this book somewhere handy so you can open it to a delightful quote whenever you need it. –Dossie Easton, MFT, Co-Author with Janet Hardy of The Ethical Slut

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