How’s your heart? I want to share what’s in mine. It’s actually a conversation I’ve been having amongst my family and community lately.

Have you ever noticed how most of our emotional baggage and sexual trauma started during childhood? What if we could heal those wounds, before they happen, or so early in life that we don’t have to carry them into adulthood? 

Recently, I’ve been visioning how to bring my life’s work of sacred sexuality into motherhood. Not just for my son, but for many future generations…

Please help me and my team vision and download an ISTA Family Fusion Experiment where we:

♥ Co-create a new paradigm of parenting and re-write the standard narrative of our dysfunctional family histories.
♥ Initiate youth into working with energy, nature, boundaries, and gender…and other aspects of what it means to be a healthy sovereign human being.
♥ Allow children a healthy space to acknowledge parentally sourced pain and trauma such as divorce, abandonment, and emotional absence
♥ Teach children how to release emotions in a safe and empowered environment.
♥Evolve a healthy and age-appropriate curriculum for sex education.
♥Upgrade the Sacred Sexuality movement by creating a sustainable and integrated culture that includes all stages of life.

If you feel called to contribute to this conversation please comment here: 

Further, we have dozens of in-depth transformative offerings around the world this year. Please put a few placeholders in your Calendar! 
Wake up & Dream, 

Meet your SOUL TRIBE & Journey with us in 2019
April 6, San Diego Poly Meetup
April 13-19, (L2) ISTA Guatemala ~ Event Details / Facebook
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July 1-7, (L2) ISTA Berlin ~ Event Details / Facebook
July 24-31, ISTA Family Fusion Experiment (ISTA Grads) ~ Event Details / Facebook
Aug. 14-20, ISTA (L2) Saratoga Springs, California ~ Event Details / Facebook
Aug. 31 – Sept. 7, Wild Shamanic Alaska Luxury Cruise ~ Event Details / Facebook
Oct. 1-8, ISTA San Diego, California
OCT. 22-29, ISTA Portland (Special NFNC training)
April 15-20, 2020, ISTA Festival, Oracle, AZ
April 21-28, 2020, ISTA  Oracle, AZ (Core Gathering)
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