Dear Israel, 

I didn’t mean to fall for you. I tried to resist. I didn’t want to believe; to buy into all your mystical, legends and lore. I wanted to rebel against this dangerous, notorious political ‘holy land’ until, alas our meeting was pre-ordained. 

My Beloved Ohad Pele & Dawn Cherie seduced me into my own direct experience. 
Meeting you was nothing short of mystical: Your freshwater wells, your salt crystal caves, and wisdom in your wind supported all the lost parts of my soul to come home. 

And as if that wasn’t enough, there was the multi-dimensional reflection of my tribe, my soul 

family, my ISTA community gathering and growing here of all places!The last 3 visits have been like a deepening pilgrimage.

As such, I am honored to be coming back to you, again, this May to the Beautiful Bet Oren, to Lead an 8-day Spiritual Shamanic Experience in May with a wonderful team: Yehoo Shalem EzrahiMichal Maayan Don & Patrik Olterman.

If you’ve ever been curious about ISTA or Mamma Israel, come… let me introduce you!

Photos by Ohad Ezrahi, Shai and Barry Shapiro.

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