During our family road trip at a Mexican Hotsprings, my son Devin (age 12) asked me…what religion are we anyway? This sparked a juicy conversation about labels, which inspired the following video!

If your interested in going into direct experience beyond all labels, please join us for one of my transformative offerings around the world. I also just booked a number of local talks too!

Please Scroll down and mark your calendar. 

Wake up & Dream, 

Meet your SOUL TRIBE & Journey with us in 2019

April 6, San Diego Poly Meetup ~ Event Details
April 13-19, ISTA Guatemala (L2) ~ Event Details Facebook
May 20-27 ISTA Israel ~ Event Details Facebook
June 20-26, ISTA Montreal ~ Event Details Facebook
July 1-7, ISTA Berlin (L2) ~ Event Details Facebook
July 24-31, ISTA Family Fusion Experiment (ISTA Grads) ~ Event Details / Facebook
Aug. 14-20, ISTA Saratoga Springs, California (L2) ~ Event Details Facebook
Aug. 31 – Sept. 7, Wild Shamanic Alaska Luxury Cruise ~ Event Details Facebook
Oct. 1-8, ISTA San Diego, California ~ Event Details Facebook
OCT. 22-29, ISTA Eugene, Oregon (Special NFNC training) ~ Facebook
April 15-20, 2020, ISTA Festival, Oracle, Arizona

For details:

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