Polyamory is easy, scheduling is a bitch! ~ KamalaDevi McClure

Are you in an open relationship? Enjoy this FREE sneak peek of my 30-minute interview with Sumati Sparks where we discuss practical tools on how to build and maintain positive poly relationships through time management. 

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The series contains profound insights and usable skills from a variety of experts on how to make your relationships happier, more passionate and definitely more loving from 17 interviews with these amazing experts! 

  • Sumati Sparks (www.sumatisparks.com)
  • KamalaDevi McClure (www.kamaladevi.com)
  • Dawn Davidson (www.loveoutsidethebox.com)
  • Kim Tallbear (www.criticalpolyamorist.com)
  • Oberon Zell 
  • Eve Rickert, Co-Author of More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory
  • Marcia Baczynski (www.askingforwhatyouwant.com)
  • Kenya K. Stevens (www.jujumama.com)
  • Evalena Rose, (www.evalenarose.com)
  • Leon Feingold
  • Yosenio Lewis
  • Mel Cassidy (http://radicalrelationshipcoaching.ca)
  • Dr. Alison Ash (www.turnon.love)
  • Christopher Smith
  • Zach Budd
  • Andrew Mashiko (www.coremagnetism.com)
  • Moushumi Ghose (www.moushumighose.com)

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