My confession has been Podcasted…
Yes, I did something on the Internet that many business owners haven’t!

My dear friend, Lisa Cherney, is the Host of the Get F***ing Real Show and has featured my story. In fact, I was the second guest on her show! I feel blessed to have helped kick off this moment and support entrepreneurs around the world as she exposes the true triumph behind abundant success.

You may have heard me talk about the devastating loss of my triad and my near-miss with divorce, but this interview explores my more recent edges.

Listen to my episode right now!

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Wake up & Dream!
KamalaDevi McClure

P.S.  Are you interested in Sex Magic?  I recorded a bonus training for Lisa’s GFR Squad members on what it is and how to do it!  There is a tiny investment to join the Squad but if you like this Get F***ing Real conversation then you will LOVE the like-minded souls in the Squad.

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