It’s no secret that sex with the same person, over time, can become routine. Long term relationships tend to lose polarity, grow comfortable, and experiment less. The statistics on sexless marriages are staggering. And yet, after 18 years, Michael and I are experiencing a kind of renaissance in the bedroom. Recently, in our Relationship Deep Dive Mastermind, Michael was musing on how a sexy marriage is like …wasabi.

Sidebar: It actually, has nothing to do with being in an open relationship, Ethical Non-monogamy offers certain advantages, but it also presents indisputable threats. Since sex and romance is naturally hotter with new lovers, it can be tempting to start looking elsewhere to get personal needs met. Or to compare. Or get lazy. But long term relationships require practice and prioritization. This is where the Wasabi comes in.

Wasabi is generally considered the hardest plant in the world to cultivate. Did you know that the green stuff they serve you with ginger at most Japanese restaurants is just a cheap imitation? It’s actually just horseradish and food coloring.

Authentic Wasabi requires high humidity, it is intolerant to direct sunlight and grows in shallow riverbeds where one flood might wipe out the whole crop. A farmer might spend 6 years looking after a plant to get access to viable seeds.

Marital sex can be equally temperamental, but Michael encourages everyone to accept the challenge with enthusiasm because the exquisite rewards of cultivating this root go way beyond any cheap imitation.

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