The year was 2002. Michael broke up with me one night after only 3 weeks of dating because we lived in different cities and didn’t want to be in a long-distance relationship. I cried all night and finally called him at sunrise begging for him to take me back.
Michael: On one condition…as long as we never break up again.
KD: As in you want to get married? I said surprised.
Michael: Why not? We love each other. Might as well move in as soon as possible.
KD: But how can I move in, if we haven’t been anywhere together, and we don’t even know if we travel well. I consider travel the ultimate test of whether I can live with someone.
Michael: Great Idea! Let me take you to China. I’ve always wanted to Cruise the Yangtze.
And so, that’s exactly what we did. We traveled thru China as a honeymoon, and it’s been 18 years and we haven’t stopped traveling since.

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