Let’s talk about addiction. Because of my liberated lifestyle, people often ask if I am love or sex addicted. I typically define addiction as anything people do that 1) they cannot help themselves, 2) negatively affects the rest of their life. This criteria is helpful not only to evaluate sex and love, but drugs, food, work or any repetitive behavior. By this definition, we all have varying degrees of addiction to different things in our life. This morning, I realized I am addicted to certain thoughts. I have specific thought streams that are 1) compulsive and 2) destructive. And since I can’t go cold turkey and just stop thinking (except for during certain brief practices) I’ve decided to experiment with a thought-diet. I plan to start by making a list of all the harmful thoughts that I want to recover from.
Since recovery is easier when we know we are not alone, I’d like to ask for your help, what thoughts are you addicted to?

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