I’m excited to be offering a new event at a number of upcoming tantra festivals:

Gender Bending Expression Forum

Who would you be if you didn’t have to live within restrictive gender roles? It doesn’t matter if you are cisgender, queer, trans, fluid or other–we all have an inner opposite. This play space is a safe sandbox to explore, express and experiment with your contra-sexual self. The intention is to channel this non-physical part of ourselves so that we may be more embodied and witness each other in our evolution. This is not a performance; nor is it a play, but it may be entertaining and playful! It’s a rich opportunity to learn more about yourself and others. It’s a facilitated and directed environment where we may offer supportive guidance and interactive mirrors, but there is no place for judgment or shame. So leave your inner critic behind and come be more fully expressed!

Benefits include:
The deeper experience of embodiment
Encounter with your hermaphroditic soul
Guidance towards wholeness
Messages from beyond duality
Stripping off layers of the ego
Being witnessed in your full expression!

I hope to share this transformative experience with you in Arizona, Berlin and Croatia soon!

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