Is Eros the untapped renewable energy of our time? Ecosexuality explores the relationship between sex, ecology and social change. It integrates seductive, inspiring and practical approaches to creating a loved-based, sustainable culture. Ecosexuality brings together the voices of 30 leaders to converge the multiple energies of the ecosexual movement, its versatility of styles and diversity of genres convey a compelling variety of perspectives on this emerging social movement. Can we make love the ecology of life? Can we treat the Earth as the revered lover we all share? Can we truly create a love-based, sustainable culture. Ecosexuality addresses these and other engaging questions in this first world-wide collection that gives voice to the ecosexual awakening.

“A sumptuous feast.” — Dr. Susan Block, The Bonobo Way
”The blueprint the world needs.” — Robyn Vogel
”Truly Inspiring.” — Dr. Anya Trahan, Opening Love
”The potential to define a new era for humanity.” — Christiane Pelmas, Women’s Wisdom

Ejaculation Control Ebook

You will want to read this informative book if you are a man who wants to last longer in bed, you ejaculate prematurely, or perhaps you can last for hours in sex but occasionally you slip and ejaculate before you want to. You’ll also find it useful if you’re a woman who has male lovers whom you wish could last longer in bed.

In addition to explaining why ejaculation control is important, Michael details effective techniques that will stop your premature ejaculation and help you last longer in bed:

1. 1 to 10 Your Totem Pole
2. Masturbation Is Good
3. Foreplay and Warm-Up
4. Slow Down and Breathe Deeply
5. Communications Before, During, and After
6. Use Your Fantasy
7. Use Condoms
8. Try Other Sex Positions
9. Physical Techniques

As he says in the Conclusion: “These tools are a really good foundation and can take you far in your quest to be a great lover. I hope being a better lover becomes a pursuit for you. Of course, the study of better sex is immense and it alone can (and hopefully will) last your lifetime.”