Beyond Monogamy

This is a six week home study audio series where you learn how to maximize pleasure and reduce pain when opening your relationship. 

Dear Friends and Lovers

No matter what type of relationship you’re in, open, monogamish, polycurious, swinger,  your heart is unique. You have your own dreams, desires, hurts and hopes. 

But have you noticed how Hollywood, Disney, Hallmark all seems to operate as if love is one size fits all?

Once you wake up from the fantasy of “happily-ever-after” and start to inquire What lies beyond monogamy?  Where do you go to talk about it? How are you going to redesign your relationship?

Instead of stumbling blindly through heartache and headache, I hope you join me for an empowering hour long free preview call that will help you see what it takes to redefine your relationships to fit the shape of your heart!

In this eye-opening preview tele-class, you’ll learn:

-A critical lie about love that nobody talks about —The cost of not knowing this is huge.
– How lovers can share from their hearts so problems clear up swiftly without unnecessary suffering.
– How to break through past wounds so you can manifest a healthy new relationship.
– One powerful metaphor to keep your love.
and romance alive—This shift will help you experience immediate connection.
– Many more love, sex and relationship tips, tools, insights
and info.

You will also receive a recording of the call so that you can review what you learned or share it with a lover!

Wake Up & Dream,

P.S. You will get more out of this course if you share it with friends and lovers. Please be ethical about how you share this page. We would love to have your significant others join us on the course by enrolling themselves.

Beyond Monogamy Preview Call

This one hour could totally shift your relationship to love itself, and save you tons of unnecessary pain. Beyond Monogamy is about bringing more authentic pleasure to your love life!


“KamalaDevi is a genius, great teacher and wonderful lover. I recommend her to anyone who wants to explore the philosophies of more love and polyamory.  She is wise, experienced and intuitive.  She teaches with compassion, humor and lots of hands-on wisdom.” 

~Charles Muir, Director, Source School of Tantra, Inc.

“KamalaDevi is a shining star among the new generation of polyamory teachers and role models. I highly recommend her courageous and straightforward approach to loving more.”

~Deborah Taj Anapol, Author of Polyamory in the 21st Century (2010), The Seven Natural Laws of Love (2005), and Love Without Limits (1992); Relationship Coach, Speaker, Seminar Leader.

“I celebrate KamalaDevi’s courage and applaud her advocacy for the Polyamory movement. We are proud to have had her as the keynote speaker for the Poly Living Conference in 2013.”

~Robyn Trask, Executive Director and Editor of Loving More Non-Profit

Are You Ready To Transform Your Love Life?

If you are interested in going deeper, I highly recommend the six week course.

As a nationally recognized expert, I have witnessed a lot of great teachings on Sex, Love and Relationship, but I have never in my life heard anything like what I share in Beyond Monogamy.

I’ve been teaching this course for almost 10 years and started off charging $497, even my returning students are used to paying $397! But because it’s now a home study online course, I am now offering all six lessons for only $108.

I hope you take advantage of this special offer today and start transforming your love life, today!

The curriculum:

This is a six part system that takes you step by step through any phase of relationship into deeper experience of connection:

• Week 1: Starting Relationships
• Week 2: Sustaining Love
• Week 3: Separating from heartache
• Week 4: Speaking Up
• Week 5: Sexuality
• Week 6: Spirituality
• Bonus: Q & A Call!

Here are some of the highlights of what the course covers:

• The Basic Rules & Best practices for going beyond
• How to Start, Sustain and Shift relationships
• Communication tools for difficult conversations
• How to get your Needs Met in win/win agreements
• Handling Jealousy & increasing the passion
• Ethics for group sex, kinky, queer, &
• Sacred Sexuality