Enjoy our Top 10 list of Polyamory Jokes. Meet the most Poly man in the world!most poly man meme

10. When he goes to the zoo, the bonobo apes watch him.

9. He is so honest, that when he masterbates with his right hand, he tells his left.

8. Every time he sneezes, someone, somewhere– stops cheating.

7. When he goes to the local STD Clinic, he brings them condoms.

6. He brings his own power strip when he goes to the internet cafe, so he can share the energy with everyone around.

5. He has so many relationship agreements, when law students overhear him processing, they are guaranteed to pass the bar.

4. He buys valentines cards, coconut oil and toothbrushes in bulk, and when he goes to the mattress store, he asks if they’ll supersize him.

3. He’s had so much group sex that he gets lonely during threesomes.

2. He has compersion mastered so well, that Chuck Norris is jealous.

1. He always cries at monogamous weddings. Always.

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Here are a few more from our fans:

  • Brought the Kama sutra in to school for show and tell. 
  • Sat his sex ed teacher down and took over.
  • Brings new meaning to the phrase the more the merrier.  
  • He doesn’t always date multiple partners but when he does it is with the love and respect of his other partners. 
  • The most poly man in the world doesn’t always cheat on his wife, but when he does, it’s during role-play with his lover.
  • He made sure he made love to his wife FIRST on his wedding night. 
  • When he is given a choice between processing and sex, he choses both. 
  • He is so good at scheduling, he taught FranklnCovey how to plan. 
Thank you: Josh z. Kathryn M. an Soo Me, James S.

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