It takes a village to raise a child.

If your soul is called to work with youth or you are a conscious parent ready to co-create a safe container for the next generation to explore the fullness of their relationship to self, each other, nature, and the mysteries of the universe… then you must join us for ISTA’s Family Fusion Experiment!

The Family Fusion Experiment is a new opportunity for conscious parents to integrate their spiritual sexual shamanic path with their family life during an experimental week-long immersive summer camp! This retreat is an exploration of what it takes for adults, kids, teens, and elders to be whole embodied human beings.

The curriculum is also inclusive for non-parents whose soul’s purpose is to work with youth and it explores adult-only spaces as well as kids spaces for a variety of age-appropriate lessons. We support children to establish a healthy relationship with their own bodies as well as a relationship to their ancestral line. We also work on rescripting childhood wounding which often arises for adults who are around kids.

The Family Fusion Experiment is a project of the International School of Temple Arts, or ISTA.  Visit the ISTA website for information on trainings around the world!


Our vision for the intergenerational transfer of wisdom is revolutionary: Parents will be working with their inner children (simultaneously with their outer children), while youth will be awakening to their inner adults!

The intention of ISTA’s Family Fusion retreat is to:

  • Initiate youth into working with energy, nature, boundaries, and gender…and other aspects of what it means to be a healthy sovereign human being.
  • Co-create a new paradigm of parenting and re-write the standard narrative of our dysfunctional family histories.
  • Heal the social stigma around the mother/whore split and the father/Superman complex.
  •  Manifest shared temple space for kids and parents!
  • Allow children a healthy space to acknowledge parentally sourced pain and trauma such as divorce, abandonment, and emotional absence
  • Teach children how to release emotions in a safe and empowered environment.
  • Evolve a healthy and age-appropriate curriculum for sex education. (Different age groups will get different teachings about energy, gender, boundaries, etc.)
  • Upgrade the Sacred Sexuality movement by creating a sustainable and integrated culture that includes all stages of life.
  • There will be adults-only spaces, kid-focused camp spaces, as well as fun family fusion time involving family forums, role-playing games, and talent shows!

Thousands of people on 5 continents have attended the ISTA training over the past 10 years… How many of us are PARENTS ready to provide a safe space for children to explore their humanity in NATURE? Imagine what is possible for families who do this work together!

Are you ready to integrate your family with the values of Love, Power, and Freedom?  This training, like all ISTA trainings, will include:

  • Ritual
  • Breath-work
  • Group Process
  • Active Meditation
  • Emotional Release
  • Hands-On-Healing
  • Guided Visualizations
  • Subtle Energy Processes
  • Conscious Communication


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August 1-7, 2021, Northern California

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