Dear Soul Tribe,

I couldn’t wait until the full moon to send you this POWERFUL (although a bit geeky) exploration about how integral theory can upgrade your love life!

Do you want healthy sex, sustainable Love, and enlightened Relationships? In this colorful conversation, KamalaDevi explores how KEN WILBER’S Integral Theory can help us grow and heal our understanding of self and others. Regardless of your relationship preferences and lifestyle, (whether you are straight, monogamous, LGBTQ+, Kinky, Poly, or Tantric) this talk offers important distinctions such as soul vs. personality, spiritual ego vs. true self, state vs. stage, and more. This new vocabulary could help you create more sustainable and satisfying connections which in turn helps us all create a more loving world.

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Come Be Part of the Evolution. I look forward to co-creating with you!

Wake up & Dream!

KD (They/Them) KamalaDevi McClure

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