Dear Soul Tribe,

Wow, what a week of energies it has been since the eclipse! I’ve been enjoying writing dates with my friend Cheri Reeder, as I am deeply into the creative process for my new novel. It’s wonderful to set aside time in her(?) beautiful home to draw energy from the flora around us while we write. 

While I’m visioning my next creation, I want to give gratitude to those who have supported my writing so far! In the spirit of generosity, I am giving away three copies of my book, 52 Fridays: A Polyamorous, Queer, Kinky, Tantric Love Story, autographed by me!

“Passion. Sex. Love. When voluptuous young Violet comes on the scene, Raven is heart-broken that her weekly trysts with Damien will have to end. Violet, it seems, isn’t down for open relationships and polyamory… at least, that’s what Raven believes at first.

“But it soon turns out that what Violet really wants is to be taught. And disciplined. She joins Raven’s theatrical class and learns how to express her sexuality in public. And the real lessons begin after class. Every week, Violet and Raven (and, soon, Damien) explore their hottest, most delirious fantasies. As they change and grow, they discover that love (and sex) has no limits.”

Want to know what happens? Here’s your chance to win!

How to Enter:

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  • Follow KD’s Facebook page & YouTube channel (links in bio)
  • Comment on this post when you’re done!

Entries will be accepted until June 30, 2021 and the winner will be announced July 1, 2021.

I am so excited to give back to my tribe!


KamalaDevi McClure (They/Them)

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