Dear Soul Tribe,

How will you celebrate this new moon in Gemini? Did you know it coincides with the annular solar eclipse? And Mercury retrograde!

Spiritually speaking, the energy of the dark moon and dark sun creates an extra "blank slate" on which we can project our inner vision. Even if we cannot see the eclipse, we can feel that it is a potent time to vision our highest intentions. The moon and sun conjunction brings our intuition and emotions (Moon) into alignment with our identity and sacred purpose (sun)!

However, since it may magnify the effects of mercury retrograde, it's a good time to over-communicate and be extra forgiving about misunderstandings.
Personally, I'm hoping to mitigate the risk of mercury's miscommunication by doing a deep digital detox. Did you know that fasting from tech stimulated dopamine can help you boost your passion, motivation & overall wellbeing? Watch this fun, illustrated video, and join me. It may test your willpower, but in my experience, it's worth it!

Further, I'll be expanding my sacred purpose this summer by opening my Love Leadership mastermind to enroll new erotic professionals. (If you're wondering if the course is for you, or someone you know, scroll down to watch my 2-minute video below.) And check out my other juicy invitations. I look forward to re-connecing soon and hope to get a big warm, in-person hug, soon!

Wake up & Dream!
KD (They/Them) KamalaDevi McClure


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