Listen up! ISTA has a new podcast for initiating discussions of the sacred and the profane. International School of Temple Arts has been facilitating workshops and gatherings in pursuit of integrative healing through sexual shamanism and mental, spiritual, emotional, and shadow work. In an effort to stay on the revolutionary edge of expanding consciousness and sexuality across the globe, it felt natural to offer our message in the most accessible digital audio format.

Working together to create a global organism made of leaders, lovers and teachers from varying cultural practices and traditions, we are broadcasting our message into the collective to awaken and transform the next wave of leaders. 

Podcasts will air weekly, and feature Lead Facilitators sharing expertise on the topics of mystery, tantra, ayurveda, mysticism, ecosexuality, breathwork, divine masculine and feminine, non-monogamy and more sacred wisdom.

Listen Here to KamalaDevi’s episode about inner Marriage: Uniting All Within.

Thank you Ria Yoshida for a great Interview.

In our debut episode, we have lead facilitator KamalaDevi on the show! In this conversation, KD goes deep on how “when we heal the wound within, we heal the wounds in our external relationships. If you’re suffering in any area of your relating, the healing of your inner marriage will produce instantaneous effects in your outer relationships.” 

Listen in to explore…

  • The fullness of the inner marriage: it’s not just about masculine and feminine uniting within us, it’s also about the inner child and inner parent, animal and spirit, wounded and healed one coming together.
  • Identifying if you’ve accessed embodied experience rather than just conceptual understanding
  • How inner marriage affects your attractiveness
  • The intimate relationship between shadow work and your inner marriage
  • How sacred wounds can become superpowers in your inner marriage
  • How the Law of Attraction and inner marriage work together
  • Ecosexuality with Mother Earth / Father Earth

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