If you are working in the field of sex, love, relationship, pleasure, and spirituality, you need a special kind of professional support and development. Since this is an emerging new field, it is definitely not business as usual. The Love Leadership, a year-long program, that is designed to offer profound guidance, support, and synergy on every level: spiritual, psychological, emotional, motivational, promotional, and it includes plenty of peer accountability too! It’s everything you need to take your work to the next level. 

Who is Love Leadership For? 

  • tantra and/or yoga teachers,
  • healthcare or nurse practitioners,
  • entertainers in the adult industry,
  • counselors and/or therapists,
  • sex toy and home party producers,
  • erotic authors and/or sex educators, and
  • speakers, coaches, and workshop leaders.

To ensure this is a high-level professional network, this program only accepts applicants with 6 months of experience in the field of sacred sexuality. This is for professionals, not students looking for personal growth. This is not a teacher training or certification program. This is about deepening your soul calling.

Love Leadership will connect you with an intimate network of radical visionaries who are committed to bringing more love into the world. This mentorship and mastermind program goes beyond your own personal growth, it leads to a transpersonal transformation that will upgrade your life’s purpose but also allow you to make your greatest contribution.

Have you been a part of the world’s sacred sexuality movement? It’s amazing how society is in the midst of a major paradigm shift in love and relationship and desperately seeking guidance on how to navigate new waters. This program is evolving with the times and will provide you with all you need to be the best possible Love Leader.  

We’ve co-created a safe place for each love leader to exchange their experiences, offer peer support and uncover, claim, and practice their unique voice. You will bond with the other love leaders and potentially make lifelong friendships. 

If you’re experienced in the field, you’ve probably already encountered judgment, misunderstanding, and even resistance from your colleagues, potential clients, and, possibly, your ego. We live in a world where it’s quite obvious that “sex sells,” yet sex is still taboo in many conversations and there’s so much shame around making money when empowering erotic energy. As someone who is on a path of leading others, you are well aware that collective sex shame can lead to: 

  • Overwhelm, procrastination, and withdrawal
  • Emotional and/or physical exhaustion
  • Competitive anxiety and/or professional envy
  • A devaluation of your self-concept or sex drive

Love Leadership Program

The objective of this year-long mentorship and mastermind program

program is for you to step powerfully into your own form of leadership as a sex-positive teacher, healer, coach, Dakini, or muse, and magnetize an abundant like-minded community, guide these individuals in their complete expression of love, sex, and consciousness, and make a successful career of it.  

About KamalaDevi’s Mentorship

As an experienced love & sacred sexuality mentor, I will provide you with endless guidance, support, accountability needed skills for your success as an erotic entrepreneur. My teachings include numerous step-by-step tools, practices, and fun formulas (such as the success strategy bingo game and the mental bank.)  Through this program, you will learn how to use these tools and, more importantly, how to adapt them to fit your voice and bring you even more success.  

I strongly believe that the biggest and most valuable satisfaction in business happens when you discover your own unique gifts and orient your work and life around your soul.

My highest honor would be to help you find your unique gifts and support you in allowing them to shine on a bigger stage!

My unique gift is building a community of passionate individuals who all share values of unconditional love, truth, and freedom. Together we will magnetize, activate, organize, and midwife people to create their own communities as well. As someone who has profound bonds with an abundant, intimate, and sexually liberated community, I am devoted to serving love in all forms. 

The Love Leadership Program Is For You If: 

  • You wish to be rewarded financially for hosting the same events and classes that you would usually pay to participate in,
  • You want step-by-step coaching about the ways to build a successful private practice in the field of sex and relationship,
  • You wish to create a vibrant sex-positive list, network or community and are seeking intimate relationships that will last a lifetime.
  • You are looking to become recognized for making an original contribution in the field of sex, love, and/or relationship,
  • You are seeking private coaching and accountability by a successful expert in the industry.

What you’ll get From Love Leadership:

  • Uncover your unique gifts and find out how to build your practice around it.
  • Safely transform from talk therapy to hands-on session work.
  • Learn about self-promotion, marketing, and how to build an online platform.
  • Hear best practices when building a sustainable sex coaching profession.
  • Learn how to package and price your offerings to your unique community.
  • Precondition your community to become ideal clients and avoid role crises.
  • Craft your personal narrative and share your authentic story.
  • Overcome mental/emotional obstacles such as self-sabotage, burnout, self-worth.
  • Learn how to host other professionals and build your own network.
  • Manage conflict resolution when working with couples and families.
  • Hear expert facilitation tips when dealing with sensitive topics.
  • Unravel formulas for producing successful and recurring events.
  • Find all about event production shortcuts, tips, and tools that you won’t get anywhere else.
  • Learn how to screen, disqualify and block clients who are not a match.
  • Get step-by-step coaching if you want to do a product launch or write an ebook.

The Love Leadership program offers top-notch teachings, tools, and practices that will help you increase your visibility and success. Get all the inspiration, accountability, and synergy of this powerful group of passionate individuals like you guided by a nationally-recognized sex and relationship author and coach!

If you’re interested, please contact kalidas@kamaladevi.com to schedule a private interview. 

To all Love Leaders out there, let’s Wake Up & Dream Together.



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