I was TODAY years old when I learned: “A solar eclipse always comes within approximately two weeks of a lunar eclipse, and usually in a single pair (one solar and one lunar). Then, generally, another pair of eclipses (one solar and one lunar) comes some six months later. Every calendar year has at least four eclipses – two solar and two lunars. More rarely, we have five, six or even seven eclipses in a single year. But four eclipses per calendar year is the most common number.”


Did you know about the partial lunar eclipse TOMORROW? It will be visible from Australia, parts of North and South America, Europe and Asia. For many sky gawkers, the moon may even take on a reddish hue. So the earth and sun will align to cast a shadow on the moon, and then they will line up again on the new moon, December 4th, this time to cause a shadow on the sun for the final solar eclipse of the year.  

      Regardless of whether you believe in astrology or not, we are obviously all affected by the sun’s life-giving heat, energy, and radiation. While the moon affects our Eros and romantic feelings. Don’t believe me? Just look up during this full moon, its undeniable enchanting beauty will convince you. If the moon has been proven to pull the tides, why wouldn’t it have a mysterious and cyclical effect on our water-based bodies and emotions!?

     The first eclipse is happening along the Taurus-Scorpio axis—while the total solar eclipse is happening this full moon, along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis.  Historically, eclipse seasons have been widely regarded across many cultures as harbingers of great change.
      So, what kind of change are you headed for?  During this series of eclipses, try thinking of it as a magical window, and pay attention to the messages and signs you get from the universe. Consider that whatever comes up during this  Full Moon Eclipse, offers valuable insight into what lessons, themes, and patterns need your awareness during the next six-month period before the next eclipse season. Besides, this is an extra potent time to set intentions, practice rituals, and pray. 
    What is your intention for this full moon?  Mine is to surrender my body-mind complex more fully to my soul so that I can merge with resonate members of my tribe and better serve the soul of the world.  

      And on the practice 3D physical plane, that currently looks like remodeling the kitchen in my 70-year-old beach house.  We picked out new bronze appliances, countertops, and cabinets in peacock colors and plan to start demolition in a few days while we are traveling to Costa Rica with Devin for Thanksgiving break. It feels like a risk to leave town during a big construction project, but I will be grateful to see how it turns out when I return, in time for the holy-days. 
     I look forward to celebrating the solstice with you and seeing what kind of magic we can co-create in the new year!  If you resonate with my intention to “serve love” scroll down to see my special invitations below and let me know when we can meet again.  
Wake up & Dream!
KD (They/Them) KamalaDevi McClure 
      P.S.   I’d also love to hear about your Full moon or eclipse intentions.

Nov 24-Dec 4, 2021, The Temple Intensive ~ Nosara, Costa Rica
Dec 3-7, 2021, EVOLVE FEST
Jan. 21-29, 2022, ISTA Dominican Republic
April 3-10, 2022, ISTA Northern California
May 17-25, 2022, ISTA San Diego
Sept. 7-14, 2022, ISTA Upstate New York
Sept. 15-17, 2022, ISTA Tribal Gathering NY
Aug. 30- 6, 2023, ISTA Belgium
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