Is your calling to help awaken the souls of the future? Perhaps you’re a conscious parent or educator or guide who longs to co-create safe containers for youth to dive into the fullness of their relationship to self, each other, nature and the divine. If so, join us for ISTA’s Family Fusion this summer in California! 

The Family Fusion Experiment will give the opportunity to conscious parents to intertwine their spiritual sexual shamanic path with their family life in this experimental week-long immersive summer camp. It is an exploration of everything needed for adults, kids, teens, and elders to be whole embodied human beings. 

The Family Fusion curriculum is also inclusive for non-parents who are dedicated to working with youth as it explores both adult-only spaces and kids’ spaces for a range of age-appropriate lessons. We guide children to establish a healthy relationship with their own bodies and also a relationship to their ancestral line. We will also work on rescripting childhood wounding, which often occurs with adults who are around kids. 

Why Family Fusion?

The vision behind this intergenerational wisdom-transferring event is revolutionary: Parents work with their inner children (simultaneously with their outer children), while youth awakes to their inner adults!

We will initiate youth into working with energy, nature, boundaries, gender, and any other aspect of being a healthy sovereign human being. We will co-create a new paradigm of parenting and rewrite our dysfunctional family histories’ standard narrative. Another area of focus will be healing the social stigma around both the mother/whore split and the father/Superman complex.  

Family Fusion will provide your children with a healthy space to acknowledge parentally-sourced pain and trauma (divorce, abandonment, or emotional absence), while also teaching them how to release emotions in a safe and empowered environment. 

The event aims to evolve a healthy, age-appropriate sex education curriculum and upgrade the Sacred Sexuality movement with this sustainable and integrated culture. 

In the past years, several thousands of people across five continents have attended the ISTA training, but how many of us are PARENTS who are willing to offer a safe space for our children to learn more about the humanity in NATURE? Envision what is possible for those families that do this work together. As a parent, are you willing to integrate your family with Love, Power, and Freedom?

Family Fusion training includes:

  • Ritual
  • Breath-work
  • Group Process
  • Active Meditation
  • Emotional Release
  • Hands-On-Healing
  • Guided Visualizations
  • Subtle Energy Processes
  • Conscious Communication 

Participant Prerequisites

  • One parent needs to be ISTA Level 1 Graduates at least.
  • The program accepts children who have participated in at least one year of organized school.
  • An interview is required for homeschoolers (or unschoolers) to see if they have the preparation.
  • Children need to have a basic discipline and orientation towards group circles.
  • Toddlers are welcome, but we don’t provide a pre-school program. If your child is under the age of five, parents must bring a second adult to take care of the little ones during the Family Fusion program.
  • All children must have consent from all legal guardians to participate in the youth program.

Facilitators & Families




KamalaDevi (pronouns: they/them) is a mystic, a mentor, and a muse. Their mission is to awaken themselves and others to the ecstatic current that runs between heaven and earth. They work with artists, healers, and visionaries across the world to become love leaders. When they’re not traveling the world to facilitate retreats for the International School of Temple Arts, they enjoy a rich home life by the beach in San Diego with their husband of 20 years and their 14-year-old son.




Crystal Dawn Morris, MA, has been involved with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) since 2008 and is a lead-faculty for many of the ISTA Trainings. Crystal is also a Tantra Teacher and Intimacy Coach, and has trained with the SkyDancing Institute and studied Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, and a range of non-dual meditation traditions. Crystal has been a Reiki Practitioner for almost 30 years now. She established Tantra for Awakening in 2007.




Rich is devotedto the work of Personal Empowerment through Healthy and Fulfilling Sexuality Guidance, especially with those who come from a strict and limiting religious background (his was Mormon) through Experiential Coaching and Events. He is actively participating in ISTA training multiple times (including Level 1, 2, and 3, and Practitioner Training), Quodoushka, Shamanic De-Armoring, Tantra, and others.




Liz is passionate about shamanism, dance, movement, and embodiment – all these things brought her to ISTA. Her work and mission are in liberating the soul by embracing the neat and tidy aspects of being human as well as the dirty, sticky parts. She enjoys holding point for transformations of the individual through sexuality, ecstatic dance and emotional release.




Philippe is a relationship educator who created Exquisite Dark Love to support men and women in making better choices for themselves and each so they can become sovereign humans through the practice of connection, trust, consent, intimacy, love, and the exploration of attachment theory. He is the co-founder of ReMENber Brotherhood Journey, a coordinator with ISTA, the International School of Temple Arts, and a modern voice on critical thinking around morality and the integration of Masculine, Feminine, Dark, Light, and Shadow. 




Michael McClure is a pro-activist for world peace through relationship harmony. He is a vegan, father, comedian, musician, actor, and co-founder of TantraTheater and PolyPalooza and one of the originators of ISTA Family Fusion Experiment. He and his wife of 20 years, Kamala Devi McClure star in Showtime’s hit TV show, Polyamory: Married and Dating and he’s been featured on TV with Dr. Drew, Ricki Lake, Tyra Banks, and in the movie Sex Magic. 

Family Fusion Training Details

  • 8-day / 7-night accommodations
  • 3 meals per day & snacks
  • Camping accommodation (bring your own tent/RV/trailer)
  • Full-day transformational process and teachings for families
  • Note: Airfare and airport transfers are not included.

Tuition (all spots limited in quantity):

  • First Adult (ISTA GRADUATES ONLY) – US$1695
  • Second/Third Adult (in the family) – US$1495
  • Youth 18-25 (by application only) – US$895
  • Teen 12-18 – US$695
  • Kids (12 and under) – US$495
  • Kids (5 and under) – US$245
  • NOTE: For children under the age of five, the parent isrequired to bring at least one adult supporter.

 Additional Costs:

  • Adult – Indoor Accommodation (dorm) – US$300
  • Kids – Indoor Accommodation (dorm) – US$150

Are you ready to integrate your family with Love, Power, and Freedom?


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