declaration of love

What are we doing here?

What are we doing here,
Looking for our roots in the sky,
comet tails in the mud?
We are forever twirling…
Around nothing at all
Where will this spiral take us?
If not here —
If not now —
then why?
What is our purpose?
What is our cause?
Life needs no reason
No rhyme,
no nothing.
But a spark of the divine
Longing… aching… yearning…
To touch itself.
To know life.
From the inside out.
To reach its fat eager fingers
Inside it’s own core.
To fill the hole
that was left like a scar
when we separated
from Source.
And when it’s sufficiently stuffed,
we want nothing more
than to pull out
our existential emptiness
And then
to plunge in again
over and over
for eternity.


This is us in a spontaneous jam about soul culture and the erotic creativity that comes within times of planetary initiation. This is a FREE creative portal, Declaration of Life, happening Feb 19+20 in conjunction with the USA Pluto Return. Principles of Soul Culture. This is a FREE and creative invitation to connect with the universal principles you, as a free soul, stand for. This is a creative experiment to begin laying seeds for the new systems and structures and to start connecting with their soul architecture now.

Join the Event

Here’s the event link:

You might have to join this FB group first:

Once you are a member of the group then you can find the event invitation here:

Your declaration does not need to be written. Feel free to dance, write a song, create a piece of art, and simply let the universal principles of a global soul document express through you.

What is your note in the new Declaration of Freedom? 

declaration of love

Lisa Klieger & Jonathan Ehrlich” Avatara is a field of training dedicated to humanity’s awakening as an avatar of the One Universal Life, with a cosmic destiny and purpose to serve. We provide training in the mysteries of embodiment, soul, and spirit to empower people’s integration of all three major aspects of what it means to be human and an opening to the divine Presence that is their essence.”

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