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Drawing on traditional and modern practices, a sex shaman will use the power of erotic energy as healing medicine. A shaman will get into an ecstatic state and channel the divine energy for the healing, divination, and benefit of the community.  Modern-day sex shamans teach tantra, trance dance, kundalini yoga, and many other techniques that help heal sexual guilt, shame, guilt, fear, and even trauma.

Behind The Book: Sex Shamans

Sex Shamans is a juicy collection of 20 transformative stories about the personal awakenings of international leaders in the sexual shamanism movement – Baba Dez Nichols, Bruce Lyon, Crystal Dawn Morris, Dawn Cherie, Deborah Taj Anapol, Ellie Wilde, and many others.  It expresses their understanding of why they are on Earth, and what they are here to do. Each author offers reflections on what started them on the path of sexual shamanism,  what were the cookie crumbs that led them to their awakening, and how they are helping the evolution of humanity. We even reveal the authors’ intimate healing journey, with details about how they overcame their personal struggles with heartache, jealousy, mental illness, or shame to finally realize that being a sacred sexual healer is their true calling. It’s so very, very intimate, that it was originally going to be called “Secret Lives of Sexual Shamans.”

After each narrative, there is one step-by-step spiritual practice to help awaken the reader. So the book is intended as a personal growth journey. After reading a story, the reader can follow an embodiment exercise that’s related to the chapter. Each practice involves movement, breath, sound, visualization, and erotic activation. 

The book also includes 20 in-depth embodiment exercises such as: 

  • soul gazing, 
  • Connecting to spirit guides, 
  • sexual divination, 
  • energetic sex, 
  • self-pleasuring,
  • sacred sexual storytelling,
  • and more! 

Tantra vs. Shamanism 

Excerpt from a recent interview with the Editor:

I would say that sexual shamanism is more multi-dimensional, whereas Tantra is essentially a path towards enlightenment, and of course, it depends on your lineage because there is a wide range in both teachings of Sexual shamanism as well as tantra.  In General, the tantric practices would lean more in the direction of communing with oneness and taking your sexual energy to God, whereas shamanism tends to be a more descendent path that leans towards nature and activates the animal wisdom in the body. Shamanism is very multi-dimensional, it honors this physical 3D dimension of flesh and embodiment, and also works with other realms that are more psycho-spiritual, and emotional, and is, therefore, able to heal and integrate into these various bodies. There can also be divination and working on different timelines. 

Many forms of shamanism use plant medicine, whether it’s Ayahuasca or peyote or any other plant allies the purpose of these ceremonies is to induce a state of ecstasy and go into ecstatic trance in order to drop the veil between the worlds and to begin to open to the unseen realms, and those unseen realms can help us with our healing, relationships, or shift our old patterns. 

So, the plant medicine is not shamanism, it’s the doorway. And in the case of sex shamans, erotic life force energy is the doorway. Sexual desire, kundalini, orgasm, or arousal can all be the medicine to help us access our own potential. And a sex shaman is able to use this energy to help others. 

Sex Shamans is now on Audiobook!

Sex Shamans: True stories of Sacred Sexual Awakening, 

Edited by KamalaDevi McClure:

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