Whether you had the privilege of knowing her or not, she was a truly extraordinary dakinni who was committed to transmitting the temple arts to people from all walks of life!

Here’s a glimpse into her adventure-filled life story which shows how much she cared about the awakening of the planet, and how devoted she was to her beloved husband, Kevin Anthony:

“I grew up next to the Swiss Alps in a liberal family where I did not have a story of struggle, shame or inhibition around my sexuality and was given access to real sexual education programs.

I started my professional career as a licensed esthetician at a high end spa in Switzerland. This is where I learned the power of human touch and its immense potential to release stress and connect deeply with people.

My journey prior to founding my holistic practice began in 2003.In the spring of 2003, when I was still working as a licensed esthetician I had an epiphany. My mother had miraculously healed from battling cancer and wanted to experience something that made her feel alive again. We enrolled into a women’s only Taoist workshop that taught us how to use sexual energy to empower ourselves.

This mutually shared healing experience fueled my desire to study eastern holistic practices and sexuality.

It seemed like this world of possibility opened up to me. Nothing could quench my thirst to learn and discover more.

So I traveled to Thailand where I studied ancient Taoist techniques with Master Mantak Chia.

I spent several weeks in the jungles of Northern Thailand learning the mystic art of Thai Bodywork. This helped open the natural energy pathways of the body to bring a state of healing and balance.

Then I lived for 4 months in an ashram in India. Here I got to study Tantra, yoga, meditation, and “Ayurveda”, which taught me the importance of balancing mind, body, and spirit.

I used my own life as my laboratory. I explored open relationships, multiple sex partners, I had long-term relationships with a major age difference (try 30 years). All of these experiences showed me the importance of putting love above everything else and making my relationships a priority.

Then in 2012, I founded my holistic practice.

I believe that sexual energy is the foundation of our health, creativity, and spirituality.

To read more, go here: https://www.celineremy.com/celines-story/

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